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Uncle Randy

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Edi told me to send this out because I missed the " stories with my family "

My uncle was such a great man, someone I inspired to be when I grew up. He was the glue to the family.

Whenever anyone in the family was down on luck or ever needed to talk, they went to his house and would come back home happy. This isn't supposed to be scary but it freaked me out when it happened.

My mom had left to find a new home in ATL for my brother and I, so we were living with our grandma.

On Sept 13th 2005 I had a dream, I just didn't know it was a warning that would shift my family forever. I was in my room watching cartoons and my door was open. I heard a knock on the door and turned to see my uncle Randy. I was so happy, because he rarely came to visit all of us when I jumped from the bed, I tried to run to hug him but every time I got closer ,the doorway would get further.

I asked "uncle Randy why can't I come hug you?"

He replied " Because Richie, I'm only here to say goodbye. "

Just then my brother screaming and crying ran in the doorway and grabbed our uncle's leg and was begging him not to leave. I yelled at my brother to let go and relax.

"Don't get mad Richie. He's just sad. " my uncle said, as he turned to walk away my brother seemed to fall on the floor still crying as my uncle passed through him.

I woke up in darkness , and quickly realized it was a dream. I turned to my door, and there he was, my brother crying. I ask my brother "What's wrong bro?" He lifted his head and said "uncle Randy is dead. I became angry and yelled and chased him from my room into the kitchen.

Then I heard my grandma on the phone.

My uncle was driving from work and tried to avoid a deer that had jumped from out of the woods, he crashed into a telephone pole and his chest slammed into the steering wheel. I was so sad to hear the news but it was great that his spirt came to see me before he left.

I'm a big fan of this podcast that I stumbled on because I like creepy stuff. I've gone back and I've almost listened to all the episodes. You guys are different and I like that. Hope you enjoyed my story


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