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Toy Phone

Ugly OG here. Not trying to brag or anything haha. I got another story for you. And it’s pretty much creepy as hell. Here we go...

I’ve worked with kids for going on 10 years. I've read different articles and Buzzfeed lists about creepy stories involving kids saying creepy things or drawing creepy pictures or talking to things that no one else can see. Granted all those stories throughly creeped me out but I never personally experienced anything like that. Thank god.

BUT this experience still makes the hairs on the back on my neck stand up. 

It happened a few months ago and I’ve procrastinated posting for whatever reason. This happened at my current job at an early childhood education center which, let’s be honest, is a fancy group of words for a daycare. A friend/co worker of mine was telling me how one of the classrooms was haunted because weird things kept happening. Like hot/cold spots, toys falling off of shelves that were no where near the edge of the shelf, etc etc. 

I was in said “ haunted classroom” one day. Half cleaning up toys and half bullshitting with my friend who had made these claims about it being haunted. I had put different musical toys in a toy box, like egg shakers and bells etc, and shoved it to the back of a certain shelf.

After that I picked up this toy cell phone trying to figure out where it went but really didn’t care too much since it wasn’t my class room so I put it in the box with the musical toys. The toy phone has the basic buttons on it like a phone. Different numbers and the green and red buttons for answering and hang up. When you press whatever number a voice would say it, when you’d press the green it would say hello, the red, it would say goodbye. Very basic stuff. 

Well a couple minutes after I pushed the box of toys to the back of the toy shelf, I’m getting ready to leave and it falls to the ground off the shelf and that ridiculous toy phone goes off and says “ haha I want to play with you.” In a really creepy little kid voice. That toy box was so far from the edge there is no way it could have just fallen to the ground... 

My co worker and I must have just stared at it for a good minute or two before walking over to investigate. I took the toy phone to my classroom and still to this day, months later mind you, I can not get the damn thing to say “ haha I want to play with you” no matter how much I press the buttons on it.

My conclusion.... I work in a haunted daycare. Help me. 

Side note, I feel like edi should trade make “ ok good” because she says it so much haha. I’m seeing bumper stickers and T-shirt’s in our uglies future!!!


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