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They Have The Keys

This happened when I was about 10.

One day, I was alone at home. So I did typical 10 year old stuff. Played with toys. Ate junk food. Watched TV. All that.

Until I heard a knock at the door

Now I was told by my parents not to open the door under any circumstances. Not even for my parents because they already had a key and if anything they would call me. So when I saw my mother, my father and my little brother through the peephole, I was confused. They wanted to know why I wasn't opening the door.

I said out loud, “Mom, just use your key. I'm watching TV”. I was a lazy butthole. She told me to come and open the door because they had left the key in the kitchen. I thought to myself for a moment. They didn't leave the keys because my parents asked me to hand the keys to them before they left. Thats when it hit me…

They weren't my parents! They were wearing the same clothes as my brother, mother and father from a day ago.

As I stopped myself from going to the door, I got a text from my mom. It read “We just left Wal-mart. We will be home in a little bit.” My eyes widened out of fear. This one text confirmed my suspicions. I knew that wasn't my family outside. I almost forgot about my not “brother", when he tried climbing into the window.

Now, I wasn't very strong and still aren’t. But the force I hit that window with was stronger than anything I have ever done. As soon as the window shut all the way, I heard a blood curdling screech. I booked it.

I went up to my room and cried and cried until i fell asleep (I know, I'm sorry, Edi. I couldn't not fall asleep. The fact that it was 9pm, I was only 10 and I was crying all were reasons I fell asleep) (screeechhhhhh )

Later that night, I heard the front door open. I thought to myself, this is where I die, until I heard my mom call out and say “Hey can you open the door, we have a lot of groceries and your little brother can’t open it.” I booked it and opened the door to see my parents… the real ones this time. I hugged them so hard.

My mom saw something latched under the window. It was like very hard dead leaves. I knew exactly what it was and told her everything. Literally the next week, we moved from the neighborhood and move into a whole new state.


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