The Woman In The Condo

Hi Uglies, I have been fighting with myself to share this story. Only my mom, dad and aunt know but I finally decided to share it with all the uglies.

My aunt lived in Rosemead, CA. We often had family gatherings there.

It was around 1989 and I was about 7 years old. Whenever we would visit, we would always leave super late around 11am or later. I would absolutely hate it because without fail, I would see a woman's figure at the door of the condo cady corner to my aunt’s place. This was not the first time I would see things but I didn't understand these things at the time. I mean I was 7.

Every night when we left I would get hysterical. Crying, screaming and sometimes just frozen in fear. My dad would have to carry me to the truck.

It wasn't necessarily the woman's figure that scared me. She projected a light aura. But it was the pitch black mass that surrounded her.

At times the mass would follow but never passed the condo. It threw me into hysterics every time. Thank God, my aunt didn't live there long. I endured it for 3 years and the fright faded as I got older.

It wasn't until years later when the sighting subsided that my mom told me that Richard Ramirez attacked and killed a woman in the condo that was cady corner from my aunts.

Dayle Okazaki was killed by Richard Ramirez in 1985 just a few years before my aunt moved in.


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