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The TV Remote

Here's a lighter story than my last one.

My aunt used to own a house in a small town in MO.

After living there for about a year or so she decided to remodel her kitchen a little.

Once everything was done and she got all her dishes put back the way she wanted them, she noticed the next morning that stuff had been moved around.

Thinking my uncle did it to mess with her, she started asking him why he would do that.

He swore it wasn't him that did it.

It was only the two of them that lived there so if it wasn't him then who could of done it.

She let it go, thinking he was still messing with her but didn't think much of it.

Over the next couple weeks she noticed little things being moved.

Like the tv remote.

She would place it on the coffee table when she went to bed and when she would get up in the morning it would be on the end table next to the couch.

Her center piece on the kitchen table would be moved to the counter randomly.

Even when it was just her home.

After a couple of months the strange things started happening more and more.

You would notice and indent on the couch next to you while watching tv.

She finally came to the realization that the two of them weren't the only ones living in the house.

She was fine with this cause there wasn't any harm being caused.

She decided to take a bath one night and fell asleep in the bathtub.

As she fell asleep she felt something/someone grab her shoulder.

Of course being freaked out she decided to do some research on the house.

Come to find out that about 70 years ago there was a little girl, 6 years old, that was drowned in the bathtub by her brother.

There was reports of every family that lived in the house having the same events happen.

We've all came to the conclusion that since the little girl was drown she doesn't want the same to happen to someone else.

Anytime you doze off or even pretend to doze off in the bathtub she will tap you on the shoulder until you wake up.

She has since sold the house and we don't know if it has continued.

It was kinda neat to sit there watching tv and know the little girl sitting there with you.


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