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The Terrible Boos

Hey guys!

So we’ve been having some pretty scary things happen in our apartment.

One night I got up to use the bathroom. As I was walking back to bed I heard a male voice whisper “Hey”. I thought it was my husband but he was dead asleep.

Another night we were sleeping. I know we all have that one chair that has a pile of laundry we say we’re gonna fold but never do. So everyone’s in bed and clothes just start to fall off the chair. Also our lights turn on and off.

Our google home thinks we’re talking to it sometimes but we’re not. Which is weird cause you have to say “hey google” or “okay google” or use the remote or your phone… But we didn’t use any of those.

Then one night my family and I were watching a movie in the living room. My 2 year old went to his room for his blanket. He just started screaming, crying and running out of his room. It was weird cause I’ve never heard him cry like that. I know something scared him because he usually goes off on his own to his room to play and nothing would usually happen.

Today I was home alone with the kids. My 2 year old went into the bathroom and started to play with the shower curtains. I got up to go get him. He was next to the tub. As soon as I was going to walk in to get him, the door slammed shut. He started to yell and cry really bad. I opened it. He ran out and gave me a hug. So now were at the park until my husband comes home

Any advice on how to get rid of whatever this is? Or just make it stop messing with my kid

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