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The Stool

Being that I haven’t been able to go back to sleep, I thought I’d share my only ghost encounter.

I was 17 years old living in San Francisco and am a big fan of the unknown. Always told myself, “if I ever saw a ufo or ghost, I’d be the bad ass who would chase it down or ask questions”.

Boy, was I wrong!

It was around 2:30 in the morning when I was suddenly awoken by a really bad chill. Chill that hurts your bones. Mind you, I’m Hispanic, so my family sleeps with about 3 heavy blankets. You know, the ones with the eagle or lion on it. Regardless, it was freezing.

Not trying to uncover myself, I turn over to look at my sliding closet door mirror. It was foggy. As was my whole room from what I could make of it. I thought perhaps the window was left open. I sit upright from my bed, rubbed my eyes and what do I see?! I see a lady in a white silhouette.

She’s sitting on this old wooden stool, wearing either a white nightgown or wedding dress, looking at herself in a tilting mirror I had. In complete shock and doubt, I rubbed my eyes again thinking to myself “nah...this isn’t real.” Sure enough...there she was, combing her long hair, but this time she noticed me. She just smiled and kept on combing. My jaw dropped in utter disbelief.

I slowly fell back in bed, with the blankets pulled over my head and began to pray. “our father who art in he...” for about 5 times over. After I built the confidence to get back up, she was gone. Not sure what her story was, nor did I bother to ask, but if I remember correctly, one of your stories spoke about mirrors. It somewhat made sense. I had three mirrors.

Both sliding closet door mirrors and the tilting one. Made 3.

Strange. Strange indeed.


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