The Scramble and The Kid

Hey nick and hi edi

I absolutely love your podcast. I listen to it almost every single night. Anyway I have two weird stories to tell you.

Story 1.

So I used to absolutely love WWE. I would always play the video games on my Xbox 360. Recently I had been playing WWE 2k14 on the 360. I had been playing a game mode called “championship scramble” (it’s a match type).

But today when I hopped on the game the game mode was gone.

They haven’t updated the game since 2015 so there’s no way that it was removed. I don’t know what this means, parallel universes or glitch in the matrix? I’d love to hear what you think

Story 2.

When I was 6 every single night for one year a small white faceless midget would walk from my closet to my bed to watch me sleep. I would cover my face with a blanket to hide from this freak.

One night I took the blanket off … It was staring right at me from 6 inches to the right of my face. This continued for months…

Then one night he came to me in my dreams.

In the dream, I was sitting in a bedroom at my grandparents’ house. He walked outta the closet and began to talk to me. He was a kid about my age. He told me his name, said that he was lonely and wanted to be my friend.

I’ve grown up Christian. I could sense that this thing wasn’t a kid and that it was evil. I told him no that he had to go away in the name of Jesus.

And I have never seen him again.

Once again I love the show and would be thrilled to be on it. I have more stories I could share with you if you want, 5 stares the best podcast I’ve ever heard

(What Scares Me? - Agostino Zoida Episode)

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