The Potty Training Ghost

I hate I can't send messages...but here goes my ridiculous story. 

I thought maybe you two might get a laugh out of this one.

When our 6 year old son was potty training, my husband thought it was a grand idea to get a potty that sings when you pee.

(It was not by the turned into a toy and I bought a plain one).

Ever since, the singing potty has been in our garage.

It's been in there about 4 years, because we procrastinate cleaning out the garage.

Thing is, it has sensors in the bottom which makes it go off when they pee and it says "YAAAAYYY" then sings a little song.

We were in our new house about a month when we heard the singing potty go off….

I checked and there was nothing to trip off the sensor.

Super creeped out, I turned it off and went about my way.

Then a little while later it happened again....and thought "maybe I DIDN'T turn it off" so I turned it off again.

Then every month or so it would go off again and again……

Fast forward the 4 years, its still there and we make jokes about how theres a ghost child trying to go potty.

I swear to you we've turned that thing "off" at least 5 times.

The only other unusual thing that's ever happened is my handheld vacuum turned itself on in the middle of the night just the other day… and we hadn't touched it for a month.

I was up late binging Netflix and me and my two cats jumped about a foot.

I got up, turned it off and back on again, but when I turned it on the battery was dead.

My only conclusion is the ghost child has finally potty trained and he has now moved on to doing chores.


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