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So it got kind of late last night and didn’t get to post but my fiancé told us this creepy story (which I think would be a good episode about pacts with the devil!) but here’s the story he told us. He said this happened in his rancho (a little pueblo in Tula, Tamaulipas, Mexico):

A boy about 14/15 years old was going to take his family’s goats up the mountains. He asked his dad for some money because he wanted to buy something before he left. My fiancé says that these people were pretty poor so the dad told him, “I don’t have enough money to give you to spend”. The boy got upset and angry. Then his dad said “Fine! Then I’m going to make a pact with the devil!” even though he didn’t meant it.

The boy left into the mountains and he never came back, he just disappeared.

A month later, they found the boy in the highest point of a tree and there was an owl up there with him. While the people were trying to get the boy down, the owl wouldn’t let them and kept coming down and attacking them. They were finally able to get him down and when his parents brought him home, he wouldn’t talk anymore.

After a while the dad started getting very sick, he was always throwing up and having to go to the bathroom (kind of like a severe stomach bug). They think he did something that pissed he devil off.

One night he had to go to the bathroom but he was scared to go alone and asked his wife to go to the outhouse with him. While he was there, he started hearing a whistle call. He asked his wife who was out there calling. She said there was no one out there and that she didn’t hear anything, but he kept insisting and asking her who that was. She still kept telling him that no one was there and that she wasn’t hearing any whistling.

He didn’t keep insisting anymore and the wife started hearing some rustling in the outhouse, So she opened the door to check on her husband, by the outhouse was empty.

He was just gone.


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