The One With A Snow Globe

Hi guys. So this happened to me a couple years ago.

I used to live in this really old house that still had shag carpet walls in the basement. I would always sprint past the basement door because something just always felt wrong. I would tell my mom but she would say I had a overactive imagination. I wish she believed me earlier.

You see, my mom was that type person who had cameras all over the house. She never believed me about the basement until “It” happened.

My mom was at work. She had just texted me that some of her friends were coming over and told me to bring up some chairs from the basement. I wanted to tell her no, but her mind was made up and there was no changing it. I decided to just get it over with.

When I was done and was about to close the door. All of a sudden, I got very cold. This was very weird because it was the middle of summer and it was 75 degrees outside. I just told myself that I was just imagining things.

After I closed the door and walked away, the door slammed open. Something grabbed me and started to pull me toward the basement. It was like I was in Paranormal Activity.

Right when I was almost all the way in the staircase, something grabbed my arms and started pulling me away from the basement. I must have blacked out because when I woke up my mom was coming home.

After that, my mom watched the video, took me to the church right to the priest and had him bless me. But the priest said there was no reason to because apparently my great grandmother was the one who pulled my away from the dark force. My mom said she wasn’t surprised because her grandma was really close to me before she died of cancer. She said she would always watch over me no matter what. Ever since I have always felt safe since.

We moved out of the house not too long after that. Then the house had mysteriously burned down.

Nothing had survived but an old snow globe with a demonic symbol written on the bottom and another symbol on the forehead of the snowman inside the snow globe.


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