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The One About A Quick Shower

I had just gotten home from picking up my girlfriend. I had a pretty bad headache so I told her I was going to go take a shower. I get into the bathroom, get the water where I want it temperature wise and hop on the shower. Then I turn the light out because my head was hurting and I wanted to shower in the dark.

After about 5 minutes of standing in the water, enjoying my shower, I hear a strange thump noise. My water gets extremely hot. I thought my upstairs neighbor started his washing machine or something. I go to adjust the water accordingly only to find out the hot water is now all the way on and my cold water is all the way off. Absolutely not where I had them when I got into the shower.

And I hadn't touched them.

I was also the only person in the bathroom at the time. Needless to say I noped it out of the bathroom as quick as I could.

Thats the first time I've had something happen in my apartment since I've moved in. But my girlfriend has heard a little girl laughing and doorknobs have moved on her.


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