The Old Lady

My dad was in the military. We lived on post. I lived with my dad in a duplex. Two stories, three bath, and with three bedrooms. At the time, I was only eight. In my bedroom, my bed sat in the far left corner of the room.

One night, my dad was at the neighbors. I heard footsteps by my door in the hallway. But I knew there was nobody in the house. I can remember the distinct smell of old lady. I know it was not my grandma because mine is still alive. . .

Ten minutes later, I her pans clinking together.

Our pans are on a ceiling mounted pot rack. I ran to my bathroom from my room, which was probably only seven feet away… And I sit on the toilet criss cross applesauce. Scared out of my tiny eight year old mind!

I hear the door to my dad’s room open. I hear a bird tweet because his window was open. Also just so ya know my room is only five feet from my dads! I run so fast down those stairs, I almost trip. Only thing that saved me from falling was the wooden railing on the wall. I turn to my left to leave the house. The air was freezing cold.

I went to the neighbors and barged in. While they’re laughing and drinking beer, I tell them what happened. What my dad said after shook me to the bone. He said that it was probably O-L. I asked him who that was. He said “The ghost old lady”. Then told me she won't hurt me. Just tell her she is scaring me and go away kindly. He forced me back inside our part of the house. After a year we moved because my dad retired.

I hoped you enjoyed my story. I would love it if you post it (love ya uglies)

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