The Night Hag

So, I’ve had these really weird sleep paralysis dreams in the past 6-8 months. It’s hard to describe what I have experienced, but I will do my best to see if anyone else has experienced this before. I’ve read about the “night hag” or “old hag” online. It’s creepy because I’ve had this feeling of being awake while I’m asleep and this night hag is pushing on my chest.

It feels so real.

The second time it happened, there was long nails against/caressing my neck and then she like did this creepy short blow from the left side against my neck. The blow can be compared to when you blow on your coffee, hot cocoa, or soup. It happened so quick, and then I think I woke up.

During the most recent time, it literally felt like something was pulling on my duvet/blanket and tugging it until it pulls off the bed. I’m not sure if it was the night hag or something else.

While these things were happening, I was screaming for help, but nothing was heard because it was a dream. The home I live in is not haunted at all, so this has always creeped me out!!


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