The Mimic

Hi edi and nick,

My boyfriend and his family moved into a new home and was getting refurbished. I was asked by my boyfriend to come over to take care of our frenchie Brando while he was at work. The house was empty.

I had Brando on the bed while we watched tv but kept the door open, so I can hear if anyone came home. Brando is a friendly dog. Calm and loving But that night, he was restless and was growling whilst looking out the door. I decided to take a look, as I was hearing foot steps and heard the kettle switch turn off…

But no one was there.

Couple of months later, I was there again with my boyfriend and his mum. She came up to mop the floor so I decided to go downstairs to make coffee for the both of us. While sitting at the table downstairs and waiting for my boyfriend’s mum to come down for coffee, I heard her say “I’ll be down in a second”.

When she finally came down she saw me at the table and her face turned white. She asked me if I was upstairs a minute ago. I said no I’ve been down here for 20 min. Then she said that she saw me upstairs staring at her. And saw me walk into her room which is when she said, she’ll be down in a minute. She was totally freaked out and sat on the sofa for 2 hours.

She said it was exactly like me… Down to the mini mouse yellow jumper I was wearing that day.

3 months after, my dog was going crazy. I have since saged the house and used hindu prayer to protect and bless the house. Since then there has been no new occurrences. 

I have many stories but will have to share one at a time. Hope you both are well and safe




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