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The Man In The Suit

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

My friend and I was walking down the street around 8 now it's good to know this side of town is dark and only about 2 street lights are working. Now a man starts to walk up to us he was a good looking man with a nice suit and slicked back hair This was the conversation

Him: hello Danny

Me: do I know you

Him: hope you do

Me: I'm pretty good at remembering faces

Him: is that right

Me: is this some sort of joke

Him: no no just..

Me: what I'm starting to get annoyed now

Him: yes this spot will do good

That spot... the friend I was with... that exact spot... he died in a mugging

Fast forward a couple weeks later, I was walking my dog when the same man showed up

Me: WHO TF are you

Him: I go by many names

Me: damn you

Him: yes many have

Now on I'm carrying a crucifix with me and a gun.

Hope it was scary enough. Was for me.

(Murder Murder Close To Me Episode)

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