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The Hauntings of Flower

Side note : No, my real name isn’t Flower. Just my online name. Also love True Scary Stories With Edi and Just The Terror :3 I’m using my online name bc I’m 12 and my parents will kill me if they find out I submitted a story. Also please don’t email. My parents have access to it. They’ll also freak out if there's a possible ghost in our house… haha.

Edi: TALK YOUR HEART OUT FOR MY STORY, love your jokes! Love True Scary Stories With Edi and Just The Terror :3 nIcK iS eHhHhHHHH. Really enjoy it! If I have a bad day I can get scared by the scary stories and laugh at the jokes :).

!Important to the story!

There's a lot of stores shutting down because of cOvId including Bath and Body Works. Live in YeEhAw Texas so yes. Bath and Body Works for people who don't know or don't have one, it's a shop for shower gel, hand sanitizer, perfume, and LIQUID SOAPS, but most importantly… (Don't know what to call it)… room freshener. This was after the store closed and you couldn't get anything online or in-store.

My Aunt Margaret died. And I feel super bad because I had no idea and she really loved me. (Worst great (-great?) niece ever lol) She had this specific smell that always trailed her. Like a grandma but more… stiffer…

2 or 3 months after I found out she died, I had this… smell… not bad… but stiff, like my Aunt M in my bathroom. I got freaked out by it. My mom's office is across from my room and to the left of my room is the bathroom. I went to tell her goodnight and as soon as I walked in my room the feeling smoothed out.


My bestfriend L, bc that's her initial and I were sitting on my bedroom floor with my dog. Like Edi said a couple of episodes ago, dogs wazz out over a pin being dropped but continue and you'll understand. My dog wouldn't stop barking at my trash can and growling at it. She moved around still barking at the trash can. (:O tHeHaUnTeDtRaShCaN LOL SORRY)

So me and L just RAN FOR IT downstairs. Totally didn't almost trip and die / fracture somthin' while going down. My dad was sitting in the living room and asked what was wrong but we didn't wanna say what it was, so we made something up. Probably like we were racing idk.

Third and last one!! Not really scary as it is funny haha

So, I went straight to bed after showering. It was 9:15 pm. I was having a normal dream. Then I started having a dream about a creature in a Roblox game called 'The Apartment'. Which surprisingly I met a really nice person. Lots of the people there are super ENTITLED BUT ANYWAYS.

About the creature.

On a scale on 1-10, the creature after you get one badge is 5/10 scary. And after you get both of the badges is 10/10. I have both of the badges so um MIGHT HAVE ALMOST DIED when the noises were more frequent. Now the creature started on the first floor instead of the second. :c scawwy ngl,

But now the creature's appearance, tall, lanky, clawed, messy hair, pitch black or in a silhouette.) And the creature makes a noise like when scissors are opened and closed, getting on and off a creaky bed, and (most importantly) fan clicking. Then I woke up and I see this shadow MIDDLE OF MY ROOM (sadly) TURNIN OFF MY FAN >:( I didn't scream or silently scream. I whimpered really loud. Turns out it was my dad. But when the shadow started walking to to me it scared the hell outta me ;-;;;;;;

Hope you enjoyed, have I said how much I love your podcast yet? And Happy Thanksgiving!!! :D

(Here is doggo)

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