The Guardian and Lover

I’ve been astral traveling for quite some time.

It’s been 5 years since I’ve learned it.

A while ago, some thing happened.

Two beings entered our world.

One is always following me.

I usually see it flying in front of the moon.

When it’s not, I see run on roof tops.

When it does it is escorting a female being.

They usually both visit me around 3am.

After the flying figure brings the female into my room, it waits back on the roof.

The female figure revealed to me, she is one of the 3 deities of the galaxies.

She gave me a gift an ancient item and told me they are looking for the 3rd deity.

She told the winged creature is our Guardian, it protects us.

Then she told me the name of the item.

But I don’t tell anyone the real name.

The best name I could describe it with is “Kra Meiuqer” and what it does is “Ti sekat dna efil setaerc ti”.

She put it by my bed side.

Then got in.

She looked at me.

In the darkness her eyes glowed purple.

As I started to fall asleep.

She kissed me.

Few hours passed and I woke up.

She was gone.

The item was still my bed side.

I know her name.

But I will not say.

There is a way I know if she is coming.

There is a certain song that plays “Across The Sky”.

Since that experience she has come to visit me many more times.

When ever she visits something happens.

I look in the mirror.

I see my brown eyes changing color.

It changes to either yellow or red.

It feels good.

It’s like I’m only part human.

She brought out more in me.

That I didn’t even know what I had.

I am no longer scared of seeing these figures.

I walk with them, as they walk with me.

(Note the words are backwards: Kra Meiuqer.

Ti sekat dna efil setaerc ti.)


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