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The Ghost in my Shower

Hello Edi and Nick and all you Ugly's!

I've been listening to the podcast for awhile now and just wanted to share some weird spooky stuff that has happened to me.

During my childhood, I lived in about 4 house's.

And the last house that I lived with my parents was, to put frankly... Haunted.

Now weird and strange stuff has happened all my life….

But this house just had something about it that was strange.

When we first moved in I was 12 or 13.

For the first couple months, it was fine.

Before I go deeper into the story, let me tell you a quick history about the house.

It's a ranch style house built in early 1900's.

It had a farm in the back with a chicken coop.

The barn was used to kill the cows and other animals on the farm.

When we bought the house, it still had the barn and chicken coop.

Heck, the old owners even let us keep the three goats they had.

The house was one story tall with a basement.

I slept in the basement with my other three brothers.

Right across my room was the bathroom.

If you were to open my door and the bathroom door, I could see right into the bathroom.

Now Four Brothers and one bathroom is not a good mix.

So I came up with a story to keep my brothers out of it.

I said a kid named Mike hung him self in the shower and would rip out our eyes if you saw him.

It worked like a charm.

I got my own bathroom while they had to go use the one upstairs.

Now this is when the spooky stuff started to happen.

I was taking a shower when I felt super cold for no reason.

Mind you that the hot water was on full blast.

Then something in the mirror caught my eye.

Behind me in the shower was a dark figure just standing there.

I jumped out of my skin and ran as fast I could out of the shower.

I came back to find nothing in the shower.

But the cold feeling was still there

It only got worst from there.

When I would go pee, I would see it in the corner of my eye.

I would whip my head around but it would just be gone.

Other things would happen.

My toothbrush would go missing.

The toilet would flush randomly.

And it was always cold.

This continued until one night that I will remember forever.

I woke up like a 2am in the morning to find I couldn't move.

I was thought "well ok I have had sleep paralysis in the past so no big deal."

But then my door began to open slowly until I could see the bathroom door.

And then the bathroom door opened slowly.

In the darkness I could make out a floating figure over the toilet.

I couldn't see it’s face but I knew it was staring at me.

I looked at it what felt like hours.

It just Floated there, then it just disappeared.

I think I fainted or just went back to sleep after that.

When I woke up, I found three fingered scratches all over my cheeks and arms.

At that point I had enough of the "Mike".

I'm LDS so I started to pray and read our texts more often.

I told my parents what had happened and thank god they believed me!

We had our bishop come over and bless the house.

And I smudged it just to be safe.

In the end, nothing really happened after that.

I drove over to my parents’ house to take picture of what the bathroom looks like with my old room’s door open and the bathroom door open.

So What happened?

Did I somehow summon a Demon or something?

Maybe a demon was just waiting in the house for someone to name it.

But you guys should know.

Anyway Love the podcast,

And Nick, you have a really good reading voice.

Anyway love you all and a have a scary day.

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