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The Farm

This happened 4 years ago when I was 13 years old.

Growing up, my grandad would always tell me stories of the Hell Hounds.

These beasts that were bigger than wolves.

I didn’t believe any of the stories until my friends and I decided to go check out an old farm.

The farm was abandoned for 12 years.

My friends Josiah, Waylon, Dalton and I thought it would be a fun adventure to snooping around the farm.

Before we left on our journey, we all decided to bring along our guns.

There was still bears and wild dogs roaming around.

I brought my lever action repeater rifle that I got for my birthday.

When we go there, the farm looked a lot I imagined it would.

A barn. An old house. Everything a farm would have.

We started looking around when Dalton shouted for us to “come here”

He wanted to show us something he found.

It was a half skull.

My friends were intrigued but I told them to forget it and keep looking around.

This is where it gets gory.

I was walking around when I smelled something so bad i almost threw up.

I looked in a old shed and there's dead deer guts and some dead rabbits everywhere.

I yell for the boys to come over and they all start freaking out!

Joshua throws up.

"What could of done this" said Waylon.

"don't know" i said

Now I'm not scared unlike the rest cause I just thought it was a bear.

I sit down by a tree and just look out in the woods

Then i saw it

Glowing red eyes

I pick up my gun, cocked it back and threw a rock in the direction of the eyes.

It let out a growl that made my heart dropped.

I shot at it twice and ran.

The others came running to me and asked what's wrong

I told what I saw and we ran.

While running, I look back and actually see it.

It was a wolf like thing with bluish fur.

It looked like it had a mohawk on its mane.

When reached my house, we immediately told my dad.

He went out with a shotgun but came back and said he found nothing.

4 years later, I moved to Texarkana.

Dalton still lives where we saw the hell hound.

Waylon lives in New York.

And Joshua lives with me.

Now I have another story about something i saw in Texarkana but i will save that for later.

Sorry if it wasn't scary but it was for me.

BTW loved the grandpa's sin story.


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