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The Black Car

I have a lot of true scary stories that happened to me but I want to tell you about what happened to my mom years ago, it was 1987. My mom was 15 at the time.

She grew up living on a farm in the bayou. She had gotten in trouble and as a punishment, her mom and dad took her phone privileges away. This didn’t stop her though. She would just ride her horse to a trailer park close by and use a pay phone.

While she was riding down a paved path (I say path because it was a small road in a rural town) this black car pulled up right beside her. Her horse started to freak out, which was very rare being my mom trained it for horse shows.

The car rolled down the window and the driver was a balding man with greasy black hair. He looked at my mom, rolled his eyes so far in his head it looked impossible, then let out the most hideous raspy hiss. Then he started speaking in tounges.

My mom rode out of there as fast as she could. She brushed off the incident as someone just being an ass.

One of my mom’s chores was to take care of the farm animals.

One day, while she was out feeding the animals, she heard a weird sound coming from the other side of the barn. Being the dumb teenager she was, she went to investigate.

It was the same black car with the same “man” in the car, but it was making a weird sound like the engine was hot or something. The car crunk up and gunned it towards my mom. She had to jump into a ditch to avoid it.

This went on for about a week until her dad (my grandpa) went around the barn and shot at the car.

My mom never saw that “man” again.

P.s I love u guys, u r the best podcast ever


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