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Strange Noises in the Barn

Well, I'm back with another scary story from my life for the podcast. So sit down a turn off the lights as I tell you all you Ugly’s about one of my true scary stories. My last story was about the demon I named “Mike” that was haunting my shower. This story takes place on the same property that the last story took place.

In my last story I said that all the haunting and scary stuff went away from the house when our bishop blessed the house and I smudged it. But that wasn’t the end of the haunting on that property.

I’ll do a quick rundown of what the land I lived on as a boy looked like. There was a house, farm, and a barn. The barn was dark brown in color, two stories high, and when you walked in you would see old cow blood in the area where we killed the cows.

One day in the middle of the summer, my dad asks me to go into the barn to go get the wheelbarrow. As I'm walking to the door, it gets all cold. I hear a sound above me. Now mind you, the second story of the barn is only some beams going the length of the barn with a little deck like thing in the corner.

But I'm in the middle of the barn.

So the only thing that could get up there to where I was in the barn would be like a cat or a bird, or maybe perhaps, a Tiny Man. I hear this breathing like sound coming from above me, so I look up. I don’t see anything at first. But then as my eyes adjust to the light… I can see two glowing eyes looking back at me. After that I just looked back down, thought “Nope” and walked out of that barn.

I didn’t go back in until two days later. I mainly went back in to see if I had just made the whole thing up in my head. I go back into the barn and sit down on the ground. For like five minutes nothing happens. As a joke to myself I say out loud, “Mike? Are you in here?” The second I said that the door slammed shut. I screamed bloody murder. I ran to the door trying to get it open. But it was stuck. After a few good pulls, I got it open and ran out of there.

I've never been back in since.

Well at least not alone. I still had farm chores. Whenever I had to go in there, I had someone go in there with me. I still felt cold spots and heard weird things in the barn, but never as scary as the door shutting.

Anyway, that’s it. What do you guys think? Did “Mike” just move from the house to the barn when he got blessed out of the house? Or is this a different ghost/demon? Anyway, Edi and Nick are the experts of this kind of thing.

Anyway I hope all you Uglys have a scary day, and a nice safe Thanksgiving.

(Happy Thanksgiving Episode)

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