Spared Me

Hey Edi and Nick, here’s a story about the most horrifying experience I’ve ever had.

This happened during a stage in my life, around middle school where I was practically scared of my own shadow due to watching too many horror movies and YouTube ghost videos.

So I was very very on edge about things like cryptids and the supernatural.

But nothing could prepare me for this night.

It was about 2 AM and I had decided to watch TV and sleep on the basement couch.

All you need to know about the room I was sleeping in is that I was on a couch that faces away from a door that leads directly outside. 

I was in a light sleep when I heard a loud bang on the door leading outside.

I really didn’t know what to think of it at first because I was so groggy.

But before I could- another bang...

I had no doubt that someone or something was trying to bash open the door and any sleepiness I had instantly left my body as my heart started pounding .

Then the third and final slam sounded as I heard the door give in and swing open.  What did preteen me do during this absolutely traumatizing event?

What any sensible person would do, right?

I hid under the blanket, completely paralyzed in fear.

I had been too scared to get up and run from the couch because the door had a big window on it, so I knew if I did, they would definitely see me. 

You know how in horror movies, there will be an actor that is being ‘obnoxiously loud’ with their stuttering, shooken breathing as they’re acting extremely scared and trying to hide?

Yeah that was me as I lay paralyzed under the blanket, praying to whoever was listening I would live to see the sunrise.

The only thing separating me from whoever this was, was the back of the couch that shrouded me from their view. 

That’s when I heard the footsteps approach.

I knew they had to walk around the couch to get into the rest of the house... I listened in absolute fear as I heard their footsteps pass by, just a few feet from my head.

I feel a bit of relief among the terror as I then hear them go up the stairs that reside in the other half of the basement. I had laid there hiding in fear for at least an hour.

I don’t think anything really came out of it.

In fact I don’t think I even heard anything else after they reached the top of the stairs.

I know Edi is going to judge me, but yes, I did manage to somehow drift off back to sleep.

I was just too scared to get up until sunrise.

To this day, I have no idea whether they knew I was there or not.

Considering how loud I was probably breathing- they probably did but chose to spare me.  I think it can be generally said that anyone’s first reaction when they wake up after a horrible night is to try and dismiss it as a dream.

But there was one problem…

The door was wide open.

As soon as I got up, I had obviously run upstairs and told my mom. I don’t believe anything was missing or moved.

As an extremely superstitious kid, I had definitely thought it was something paranormal back then.

But naturally, as I got older, I had leaned more towards a home intruder.

But if it was an intruder, why would they just leave the door open?

What was their goal?

Nothing was stolen or misplaced...

I really don’t know and I probably never will.

Either way, it was a close encounter with something horrifying that I will never forget.

This ended up being longer than I thought but I hope it was interesting.

Also, fun fact, the basement door now has 3 locks on it.

I have another story I will share later with you guys, that involved either a guardian angel or a one-in-a-billion chance of unlucky luck.


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