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Sometimes When I’m Alone

Over a year ago, I had sent you guys my story the talked about me finding out if I was cursed or not and, boy, did I go deep into it. I had mentioned I had an eye disease that caused me to be temporary blind till having surgery. Even after surgery, I had to have my eyes close for about 3 weeks or so. This is going to become very important.

I started having my eye problems again. I decided to start meditating since I had my eyes close most of the time and it was the only thing giving me peace of mind.

While meditating, I started feeling cold spots around me while I would sit in my room with the lights off. I didn’t think of much and thought it was all in my head. The cold spots would remain there till I stopped meditating.

Then my ex moved in with me to help me out with everyday needs and I felt it. I started feeling an overwhelming sadness every time he would come in the room. It started feeling almost like someone would come in with her and you could pick up the energy instantly. I started feeling like it an older man's presence.

When I told him to leave, my ex started crying saying he just needed help and to be kinder. Mind you, he was fine till I started telling him to leave. This kept going on and I started meditating more frequently. In the time frame of this, the activity started picking up. All of the sudden, I was self aware of my surroundings when I had my eyes closed.

One particular night, I fell asleep because of the pain I was in. My version of that night was that I fell asleep and I dreamed that I went to a different place.

There was a tomb in a dark lonely place and it was by a tree. I was terrified because I was buried inside. I couldn’t get out no matter how much I screamed. I was cold and I was the only light in that place. I remember sitting up in the tomb and saying he’s here then falling back and continuing dreaming of other stuff.

Now, according to my ex I started making crying sounds. I sat in the bed, pointed to my right and said he’s here. Then laid down back to the bed and started twitching with no control then suddenly stopping. We didn’t talk about it until I was laying down the next day.

I felt a hand over my eyes then the cold spot. Feeling the hand go back and forth on my eyes then they started twitching on their own. I couldn’t control my eye lids. It caused my eyes to start crying on their own.

I felt a darkness deep in my stomach. My ex hugged me and we started praying together till it went away. I started going to church and man I should’ve not done that. I came home that night after it was over. I fell asleep.

While sleeping I felt it the darkness surrounding me. I sat up on my bed and saw the dark figure in front of my closet. I immediately closed my eyes again and tried to play it off to not scare my ex. Every time it was near me, it would cause my eyes to twitch and every time I felt the darkness.

I stopped meditating and stopped going to church since both things made everything worse. And just as things started they stopped. I sage the house but I did not stop dreaming. I continued to see dead people. I continue to feel presence of other people in my room when I’m alone. I started feeling their emotions. Mostly they’re all sad and makes me feel alone. But each time I want to help or look into it I can feel it.

I can feel that darkness that follows me everywhere. I don’t know how to control it. I don’t want to feel their pain. I don’t want to see them.

I can’t help them because I know if I do I’ll be opening that door again to that black figure that stands in my room sometimes when I’m alone.


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