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Shadow People

I was just told about this amazing podcast yesterday and I started from the very beginning. Second episode was about shadow people and i thought I would share my shadow people story.

I can’t recall ever having nightmares growing up and I had def never experienced sleep paralysis, until 2014. I had a bf that was doing some sketchy shit while I was at work which resulted in my door being kicked in by the police early one morning with a search warrant. By far the scariest day of my life as everything could have went to shit for me in 2.7 seconds. Either way after all that and I was staying in the house alone I started experiencing sleep paralysis. Super freaking scary.

It happened a few nights and then one night there was a dark figure standing in my bedroom doorway facing the living room (away from my bed). That was the first time and I hoped it was the last. But it wasn’t. It would happen quite often and the figure was always in a door way. Never facing me so i couldn’t see a face or anything.

So I moved from that house into an apartment and I got moved to third shift at my job and with that NY sleep schedule was shit. I was sleeping on the couch and it all happened again. This time during the sleep paralysis and trying to wake myself up It was like I was awake, I could see the front door and the tv was still playing the same thing from when I fell asleep. And there in the corner of my living room was the dark figure again.

Still not facing me.

So this went on for a while. Then one day I was asleep on the couch and all of a sudden something touched my foot and it woke me up so fast. Up until this time the figure had never gotten close to me or even looked at me. And how it touched me. This was the summer of 2015. It only got worse after that. It would happen about 2 or 3 times a week.

They went from grabbing my legs to pulling me off the bed by my feet. One time the figure pulled me off the bed and had my phone charging cord wrapped around my neck. That was probably the scariest experience I can recall. The crazy part too was that it was always within 15 to 20 minutes of me falling asleep. Even though it felt like forever in the sleep paralysis state. 

This all went on until the 2017 when I got my dog and started sleeping in the bed with me. I still call him my Saving grace. Even today it happens. Just not often and not near as bad. And the shadow people are gone.

The last one I recall was actually last week and all it was was someone trying to come into my house and take my dog but I knew it was a dream and I was trying to wake myself up but all I could do in the dream was “yell” for help. I don’t talk about it much because when I do people just stare at me like I’m crazy. I have no idea why any of it happened but that’s my shadow people story.


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