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Scared In Peru

Hey Nick and Edi, big fan of the podcast.

I have a scary story that I have been thinking about sending in for some time now.

Interested to get your opinion on it as well because Im not sure what I think of it myself.

This happened about four years ago.

I was living in Peru at the time in a small mining town called Espinar.

I was there as a missionary doing service through my church.

I was 18 at the time this happened, and was living in a small apartment with three other guys also there doing church service.

Two Peruvians, and one Equatoriano.

I mention this because Peruvians, especially at least where I was living, were extremely superstitious.

I do obviously believe in spirits and such but had never had an experience of my own with anything like that.

One morning, when we were getting ready for the day, one of the guys told us he had seen a really tall dark hooded figure standing in the doorway looking right down at ME.

Obviously this freaked me out a little.

But I wasn’t sure if I believed him or if he was just pulling a prank on me.

Anyways, a night or two later apparently another one of the guys woke up and saw the EXACT SAME FIGURE..

Again standing right by my bed and just looking down at me.

He woke up the other guy that saw it first and apparently they were both pretty freaked out.

They claim they tried to wake me up but couldn’t get me to.

I do remember waking up late that night with all of my blankets ripped off my bed.

So they tell me all this and now I’m pretty freaked out but still not sure what to think.

These occurrences kind of go off an on for a couple more weeks.

The scariest night was when one of the guys/missionaries said he was going to sleep at the foot/edge of my bed.

I thought it was super weird and refused.

But he insisted and eventually I just ignored him and fell asleep.

A few hours later, I wake up and he’s hitting me with his pillow telling me to stop talking.

I’m like, “what are you talking about, you’re the one talking! You just woke me up!”

Apparently someone had been muttering something in his ear in some weird language.

We go to back to sleep, only to wake up again a few hours later.

I woke up because I heard someone kind of thrashing around.

I look down and it was this guy, arms wrapped across his chest.

I swear when I looked down I saw something disappear out of the corner of the room, but I cant be sure if I was imagining it or not.

I look at him and he was trying to speak but it sounded almost like his mouth was sealed shut or something.

I start nudging him and he wakes up and screams my name.

He claims he had this dream he was outside our apartment and he saw this figure that was in our room.

He said the figure was asking where I was by name.

And when he wouldn’t tell the figure, he basically paralyzed him in the dream.

I know its pretty weird.

Anyways that freaked us all out.

We turned the lights on and all four of us woke up.

THEN, one of the guys (not the one having this crazy dream) decides he’s going to go to the bathroom.

By this point its like 3 am.

He comes back pale as a ghost.

When we ask him what happened, he says he heard two “people” or something moving around outside the apartment, saying “ no, no not yet, they’re awake, not yet.”

By this point, we were all so freaked out I don't think anyone slept the rest of the night.

Again, they claimed to see this thing several more times.

Just staring at me.

But that was by far the craziest night.

I still don't know what to think of it all.

I’d like to think they were pranking me or something.

But if they were they were great actors, because they were terrified.

I told my parents about it and they didn’t believe me.

I never got a good look at this thing for myself, but I can tell you there was a VERY real spirit of fear when we came back to that apartment every night.

If it is for real I don't know what it wanted or why it would be just watching or looking for me specifically.

Anyways, curious to hear what you guys think.

Thanks for listening!

I'm a big fan of your guys’ podcast.

Thanks for getting me through quarantine and keep up the good work!



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