Scare B&B

Hi edi and nick! This happened while I was on vacation in Montreal with my boyfriend and my sons. We were staying in an Air B&B in an old building that’s been renovated.

On our first night, I woke up at around 3 am. Before waking up, I remember feeling cool around me. Since it’s almost fall in Canada, I figured that must be it. I tried to go back to sleep for 20 mins eventually falling asleep. In my dream, we were in the same Airbnb sleeping. I woke up with the blanket off me. My sons are in the room. We’re on the other side sleeping on the sofa bed… and I hear noise. I was too scared to check. So I try to fall sleep again, not realizing I was in a dream. The blanket was now being lifted above our heads… as if someone was standing over us. I try to call my boyfriend’s name but nothing was coming out. I was frozen in fear. This keeps happening over and over in my dream. Blanket lifting, unable to call out to my boyfriend. Finally whatever it was grabbed me. I saw this thing’s face with 4 eyes, 2 on top of each other.

When I finally woke my boyfriend up, the blanket was lifted again. Then he saw it too. That whatever this thing was very angry.  Then I actually woke up and I was really worried.

Since the Airbnb is in an old building, I wonder about it’s history. Maybe I’m just tired from the trip and the lack of sleep is making me have paralysis in my dream.

Thanks guys!

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