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Saved By The Dog

I have another story which involves my friend and I when we were 11.

We live in Scotland so it’s rare to ever get good weather.

One night is was warm out.

My friend and I decided to walk her dog.

We knew everyone in the street were nice so we weren’t worried about being approached.

We were walking past some houses and a few trees behind those houses that were lit up by lamp posts.

When we were walking past these trees, her dog started acting scared which was unlike her.

We looked about the street but didn’t see anything.

However when we looked at the trees behind the houses, we saw glowing eyes and something saying help me.

My friend took a step forward but her dog whimpered and she stopped and looked at me.

We both had a bad feeling so we stood there for a moment wondering if we should go over.

Suddenly her dog started cowering in fear and whimpering again.

Then we heard the “help me” again…

Only this time it sounded distorted.

The eyes became more visible and soon a dark figure started to emerge.

This was when my friend and I knew we had to leave.

We turned to run but her dog wouldn’t move.

Whatever was in those trees behind the houses had her really scared.

We could hear twigs being snapped of the trees.

We decided to just carry her dog.

So we had to run up a steep hill while carrying a big Labrador.

We managed to make it onto her block and in view of her house.

It sounded like it stopped chasing us when we got near her house but our hearts were in our throats and we were too scared to stop and turn around to see if we were being followed.

After that we started taking her dog a different route as both me, her and the dog were too scared to go past there again.

I don’t know what it was but I’m glad that we had her dog with us otherwise we probably wouldn’t have noticed till it was too late.


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