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Red Door Yellow Door

Hey Edi, Nick and all the Uglies, here is a bit of a creepy story that I wanted to tell.

My friends and I are interested in the paranormal but we didn't investigate until we had heard of this game called “red door yellow door” or “doors of the mind.” Someone sits down when someone else lays on their lap, they rub their temples chanting, ‘red door yellow door any other color door.’ The person entering will have their hands up and they would put them down if they saw anything.

We first tried this at school during lunch break. We didn’t think it would work but it did for me.

As my friend was chanting I started to see a purple door, I put my hands down.

I was first asked what I saw, I said I saw a purple door but nothing else. I remember going through the door and seeing a long hallway, a girl was sitting at a desk.

She didn’t have a mouth but she gave me the chills when she looked at me. She had black eyes, dark hair and a white dress.

I continued to walk down the blackened hallway. I felt less and less the real world. Like I was falling away from it.

Soon I was awakened by my guide. She told me that you can be trapped in that place but it can’t kill you. There are some doors you must stay away from including dark colors and doors with clocks in them.

Though everyone else tried it, it didn’t work on anyone else.

Which caused them not to believe me.

Two weeks later, my friends decided to have a sleepover and try the game again.

The environment was a bit different, we had lit candles, the room was dark, and it was more comfortable.

I had gone first because it had worked on me before.

My guide started to chant.

I started to see the purple door but I pushed it out because I didn’t believe it since no one else believed it. Suddenly, I could hear or more feel the creaking of yellow doors and a row of them appeared on my left side of my mind. I put my hands down not wanting to believe it.

I said I had seen a row of yellow doors.

I was told to go to the the middle yellow door and open it,

I saw a bunch of clocks.

She told me to leave because clocks could trap you.

She asked me if there are any color doors other than yellow, there was a dark green door a little ways down but dark colors aren’t good.

I went in another yellow door with a long hallway.

My guide said to leave.

I tried but my mind won't let me, it was getting fuzzy, I managed to turn around but the door was closed and I couldn’t leave.

I felt like I was going to be trapped, when I started to feel less and less of the real world, my face was slapped and I snapped out of it. I was in a state of panic and confusion.

Apparently my friends had been telling me to wake up but without a response, they slapped my face. I didn’t understand why I was panicking and it took awhile to calm down. I don’t remember what happened after I had lost control of where I was.

After that, we thought it was best that I didn’t do that again.

They said that during my experience, they felt that something wasn’t right.

They had tried the game a few times with some success.

Each with the same dark hallways and weird rooms and that girl, but they never felt trapped.

After we talk about these experiences we determined that you can’t die, and you can be temporarily trapped but with pain from the physical world can take you out of it.

It is interesting to look in to but be careful when playing this game, you might end up somewhere you don’t wanna be.


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