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Recent Passing

Hey Nick and Edi,

We bought this house the sellers didn't want to sell. We think the wife was sick that's why they sold it. When we first moved into the house everything was fine. No apparitions, no bad vibes.

When I first seen the restroom upstairs there was a joint roach. Didn't think much of it. Until now. It's been two days in a row and in the shower it smells like weed. By the way the wife and I don't smoke weed.

About two weeks ago we got a letter from one of their relatives. It was a sympathy card for them. I'm guessing the wife passed away.

Prior weeks before that there was a dark figure that walked from the fireplace to my side of the bed. It gave me the chills. I thought I was the only one that saw the black shadow man. But my wife asked me did you see that. I said yes. Deep down I was scared but didn't want to show it.

Now we have heard footsteps going up the stairs and stopping at our door but never that figure. Visitors have claimed to see a gray shadow that resemblance a woman. Both inside the house and outside.

I have bought the Cruz the caravaca and put them above all the doors everything seems to have calmed down.


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