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Pin Point Accuracy

As I have honed my Clairsentient ability to pinpoint accuracy, I don't make generalizations or vague comments. Like other people do that say they have a gift. It doesn't happen all the time and there's no real consistency, but when it does hit me, it’s an overwhelming voice and sensation.

How it works.

I have to either be talking with someone on the phone and have meaningful conversations. Or be around them for a little while, before I can get a hit and have the ability to get into their body's energy field. Once I do, I can pinpoint their pain area or areas, and how and what happened.

The next time I saw Shawna, after the proper introduction from Bernadette, Shawna was visibly shaken to her core. I tried to explain, “it wasn't as bad as you think. She's just letting you know she's there.” I continued, Bernadette just wants to be acknowledged. Shawna didn't like or want to be anywhere around that.

Other employees that were working that day got in on the conversation about Bernadette and the paranormal. Discussing how people can have certain psychic abilities. I explained how I'm able to see and feel people's pain with exact and precise precision without touching them. In true skepticism, Shawna said, “Prove it.”

I responded, “are you sure?”

The look on Shawna's face said, you don't know me! With the sass of a 5 year old.

“You're never going to find anything about me.”

Before this conversation about Bernadette?

The interactions with Shawna were simple pleasantries at best. A quick good morning or a hello was the extent of our vast communication.The conversation meddled forward as employees came in to the breakroom. They'd gave their 2 cents about how they didn't believe in ghosts or the paranormal.

I blurted out, unceremoniously, “I got it!”

The room went quiet. The looks on everyone's face, was, I can't wait to hear this.

This is what I told Shawna, “it's your back.” Without being able to say anything else?

She lashed out with a verbal jousting of, “how generic is that.

Who doesn't have something wrong with their back nowadays.”

I said “wait, I'm not done." Giving her a stern look of, you impatient little brat. “I'm not done.”

I continued to explain, “it's in between your shoulders, specifically.

On the left hand side, but more directly?

There's a small but significant knot towards the bottom of your shoulder blade, right next to the bone.

Meaning not near the spine, or in the middle of your back.

But right there next to the actual bone.

Plus, your right handed.

But you've always had issues with your Left side.

This knot has been there for years, but it's been bothering you the last couple of months.

You've taking aspirin and other things, but only seems to take the edge off. Am I correct?”

As everyone looked at Shawna to see if I was right or not? You could see the look on her face change from a cocky smirk to a sober, who told you that! That look and words was all I needed, but I still wanted a verbal confirmation.

I asked again. “Am I right?” Her mouth open and eyes like saucers? She could barely nod a, yes. I got out off my seat and walked out of the room, leaving Shawna, dumb founded, in disbelief.

Update on Shawna: she didn't work or last much after the interaction with Bernadette and my mind blowing discovery. Some weeks later, she just stopped showing up for work.

When the general manager finally got her in the phone, She asked why she stopped coming in to work? She didn't give any real explanation. Just to mail her last check.


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