Out Of Body Convo

I had dated my girlfriend Maria, for a little over 2 years. We remained friends, after we broke up.

About 9 months later, Maria’s grandmother passed away. I never met her. Mainly, because her grandmother lived in Italy. Maria said, they were very close.

As she's sobbing on the phone with me, I started feeling like I had an out of body experience. Meaning, it's as if her grandmother stepped in my body and I just stepped aside my voice to comfort Maria. It was an odd sensation, but knowing this was a special moment. They had a meaningful conversation. Couldn't tell what was being said,

When I came back in to my body, I asked if she was doing ok? I could hear a different tone in her voice as if she was at peace. I don't know what was really said, but I am glad I was there for her and with her for the closure she needed.

There are times where I do hear a voice telling me something very specific about a person, but I don't know what to do with the information.

For example, I walk up to a lady and say, a voice told me that I know you're in a unhealthy and abusive relationship and you need to get out of it. He's not right for you. I'm not going to be like, ok there you go, lady. And then just walk away. What's the point?

Thank you for allowing me to share my personal experiences. I appreciate that this is a safe and positive environment to share. I'll wait a while before I submit more of my experiences.

This entry is coming to a quick GRIND & SCREECH!! That was for you Edi! Stay scared.


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