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Not My Dad

It was roughly 2 or 3 in the morning. I was about 13 years old and addicted to Lucas powder. It’s pretty much the exact same thing as Tajin powder.

Anyways, I wake up out of bed, dab some of this into my hand and head out of my room. Down the hallway I noticed light illuminating out of the kitchen. It is very odd for anyone to be up at this time.

Curiously, I walk over and at the end of the kitchen I see my dad. He has his back towards me and looked as if he was making a sandwich or something. I called out to him. “Dad? What are you doing up this early?”

*no response*

I walk towards him and only caught a side view of his face. It was dark. As if he had some black mask over it. Startled I take a step back and he turns to me. His body is exactly like my dads. Clothes would be the same, but his face! It wasn’t there. All I made out were these piercing red eyes. Ones that instilled fear deep in my soul and I stood there frozen.

He started walking towards me.

Weird enough he pushes me aside and continues to roam around the house. I follow him and suddenly we stop in front of my parents room. He opened the door and steps in.

For a second, I see him pointing to the end of the bed. He was pointing at my dad who was sound asleep. Now this figure, shaped as my father, started to blend into the darkness and only his eyes remained. They got bigger and even more sinister than what it was. I was so scared that I threw the powder I had in my hand onto his eyes. To my luck, it went away.

My dad and mom (who was laying on the opposite side) were okay. I rub my eyes and wake up. “It was only a dream” I said to myself. My eyes cleared up and there I was.

Standing in my parents room at their bedside, with the kitchen light illuminating down the hallway and the remnants of this Lucas powder I had still cupped in my hand.

Not sure what I saw that night.


Death himself?

I don’t know what it was, but just glad I still have my parents to this day.


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