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No Ones Ever Really Gone

Hey Edi and Nick! Hey UGLIES! I think it’s finally time I write about my creepy story. I've been putting it off for a bit. But with new things arising that have added to it, I think its a good time to write now.

My Dad's father died in 2013. He died of old age in the hospital. It hit my dad's side of the family very hard. After his death, they cremated him. My family released his ashes into the ocean. Soon after this, my dad's side of the family began experiencing very weird things. So did my own family in our house. It started with my cousin.

One night while she was sleeping, she had a dream where my grandpa talked to her. In Spanish, he told her that where he was was good. He reached his hand out to her and signaled her to come with him, saying she would be okay with him. But before my cousin could touch his hand, her mom had woken her up just in time. My cousin began crying and explaining the dream.

Another instance where my grandpa showed up in my families’ dream was my other aunt who lives in the same city I do. My aunt had a picture of my grandpa on a high dresser in the living room. Only my cousin and my uncle live in the house with her. One random day before she went to bed, she had a glass of water. She set it down on the dresser, ended up forgetting about it and went to sleep. That night she had a dream of my grandpa being underwater. She suddenly woke up, began crying but managed to go back to sleep. In the morning, she woke up to find the glass of water on top of the dresser knocked over on it’s side. Still on the dresser with the water spilled everywhere. Someone could have knocked it over, but my cousin was 7 at the time and wouldn't have been able to reach it. My uncle had gone to work early and doesn't touch the living room while he gets ready for work.

My family began to expect my grandpa to show up a lot. But I haven't heard of any other dreams since then. The paranormal happenings didn't really stop there.

Years later after my Mom's dad died, she set up a little alter and put a frame of her dad and my dad's dad there. My mom is very religious and believes that the souls go on a journey when they die. So she put a glass of water next to her dad and a glass of water next to my dad's father. She does this so if their spirits get thirsty or tired they have a glass of water to drink from.

After a couple weeks, she changes the water glasses. While she was changing them, she noticed that her dad's water had gone down a bit, as if it had been drunk from. And my dad's father glass had gone down twice as much, signifying he had drank more. My mom showed us. This really creeped us out because there would be no reason for anyone to drink out of those cups since we know they are meant for our grandpas and we want to respect that.. Evaporation can easily be an explanation. What makes me second guess it is that both of the glasses should have the same amount of water gone if they had evaporated. But they both had different levels of water in their respected cups.

This kept happening for years and years.

Until finally my mom's dad’s water cup stayed at the same water level while my dad's father's cup still had the water going down as if someone kept drinking from it.

My dad's mom has died recently, of old age as well. My family has been distraught. My dad especially. This time they had put her body in a casket and then into a tomb. My mom put a new glass of water on the altar for my abuelita. But we didn't have a picture and frame so she had just put the glass of water.

Recently the water level has been going down, while my mom's dad, and my dad's father have stayed the same. So far I haven't heard of any dreams where my abuelita shows up, but i'll keep you guys updated if there is. I took some pictures of the glasses. (Below)

Just recently, my mom made a big alter for El dia de los Muertos. We finally have a picture of my abuelita but no frame. I took the photos on Saturday because I wanted to see of the water goes down. So far they haven't as of 2 days passing, but I'll keep an eye on the water level to see if any goes down.

Thank you for reading my story. I have tons of more creepy ones from my family (mostly my dad's side...) If you guys and the uglies wanna hear them, I'll be more than happy to share them. I hope you guys can kinda decipher the activities that have happened. I don't really understand it myself but have my own theories. I feel like this has gone on long enough so I'll stop it here lmao.

Thank you guys for the great podcast and to those who haven't yet GIVE IT FIVE STARS, love you all <3

(Winter Chills! Episode)

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