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Near A Tree Farm

I have a weird encounter that happened to me a couple of days ago. I live in rural Pennsylvania. We live next to a tree farm that is unfortunately not kept well. But during the fall, it is a quick place to hunt for deer.

Last year, my grandpa was doing something called a drive. He pushes deer towards me. May or may not be illegal.

As I was sitting and waiting, I heard a rustle of dead weeds. I didn’t take much notice. It’s a creepy tree farm. Dead weeds everywhere. But soon, I heard a voice followed by footsteps. So I whispered, “Pap you there?”

No reply.

I called him on my radio. He said he was almost 150 yards the opposite direction. Ok. Well, maybe it was the tree farm worker. Shot the owner a text. No one was working that late.

All of a sudden, 50 to 60 yards ahead of me, a 6-7ft black creature ran. This thing was faster than a black bear or a deer. I drew my hunting knife and laid low in my deer blind, while making sure my crossbow was good to shoot. I quickly radioed my pap and told him to come.

As he neared, I heard several shots ring out. 3 to 4 from his 9mm pistol. Afterwards he came to my blind. He had a cut on him. The reason he shot was cause of the same creature ran towards him. The cut was from stumbling and cutting his arm on a large old pine tree.

After some knocks on our house and other disturbing encounter, we left.

Now, we live next to smaller but more populated tree farm. No more encounters. I tried some research but found no good sources.


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