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Nap Time

This did not happen to me but rather to my husband, although I am in it.

I am a stay at home mom for the time being, since it is our first child. At the time this story takes place my daughter was about 7-8 months. My sister had a 2 yr old daughter but she was ready to head back to the workforce.

Since I’m at home, I offered to take care of my sister's daughter. Her schedule is 8-5 and my husband's 5:30-2. On this particular day, my sister was dismissed from work early, around 2:30 pm. So she picked up her daughter early. I got my niece ready. My sister works close to my place so she arrives in 5 minutes. After they take off, I take some time to clean my place.

I live in a back studio unit of my husband's and in-laws' house. The entrance is a glass sliding door with vertical blinds. As you enter, my bed is to the upper right corner vertically.

It was almost time for my daughter’s nap. Typically when I have my niece with us, I would have all of us nap together as my daughter can really drain our energy. Because there are three of us we sleep horizontally so we can have room to stretch out our arms. My daughter sleeps next to the headboard, I'm in the middle since I'm still nursing, and on the edge is my niece surrounded by pillows. Keep in mind… our sleeping arrangement is always the same.

After cleaning up a bit, I put my daughter down and happily join her. Since my husband was gonna be arriving home soon, I leave him some room to join us. He loves FAMILY NAP TIME. My daughter and I completely knock out before my husband arrives.

I wake up about an hour or so later to find my husband sitting at our desk chair on his phone. I question what he was doing. He said killing time since we were asleep. Puzzled I asked why he didn't join us since I had specifically left him some room next to me. He looks at me and states that my niece was sleeping there. And that it would be weird for him to join in while she is there. I stare at him to see if he's messing with me. He notices I am staring for far too long and questions what's wrong. Then I informed him that my niece was picked up early that day. It was only me and our daughter sleeping.

In a heartbeat, he got up from the chair and walked over to the bed to see that my niece was indeed not there. At this point, I see the color fade from his face. He looks me straight in the eye and says "babe I swear on my mom that I saw her sleeping right next to you". I didn't know how to respond since I can clearly see he was shaken up by the event. It threw me off how shook he was. Especially since he has experienced paranormal things for years.

Since then my husband feels even more uneasy in the room. We both have noticed that both my daughter and my niece acknowledge things that we can’t see or hear.

Thank you uglies!!

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