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Nap Time

Hey Edi, Nick, and Uglies!

I shared the nap story a few days ago and wanted to add another story shared by my husband. But before that, I guess there are a few things that I should mention.

My husband and his family made the home purchase to welcome the new addition of the family at the end of 2019. My husband and I officially moved in January 2020 to get things cleaned and ready for the arrival of our little one.

Now I have to say that I felt immediately comfortable in our new place. Very rare for me. My husband, on the other hand, hated the vibe that he would get when he was in the room. This made it almost impossible for him to sleep at all in the first couple of days. I am not sure if this background information helps understand either stories but there it is. Now back to my husband’s experience.

Despite living in the back unit of my in-laws’ house, I rarely go visit them so I am unsure if there is something there. However my husband takes our daughter almost daily.

A few days before the last occurrence, my husband had taken my daughter to his parent’s for a night visit. I had class that day and he wanted to give me space to focus.

As I mentioned before, my daughter can really drain people’s energy so my husband usually takes her walker with him so she can explore the house without injuring herself or cause much chaos. On this particular day, he placed my daughter in her walker about thirty minutes into the visit. My daughter went on exploring as my husband sat on the couch. Catching up with his mom while keeping an eye on her.

During this time, she was in the habit of feeling anything and everything within her tiny arm’s reach. He noticed she would get drawn to this one specific heater near his parents’ room. He didn’t think anything of it. He rationalized it as being more accessible to her which is why she preferred it.

For some reason or another, it made my husband uncomfortable to see how much time she was spending on that heater. He acknowledged she would occasionally look up as if someone were talking to her. Finally, he called out to her in a baby manner, which she loves.

So of course, my daughter started to speed walk to my husband. As she was making her way to him, he noticed her arm be suddenly pulled back in an aggressive manner making her body do almost a 180-degree turn. Nobody was around my daughter and she was grasping her walker, so her arms were pretty much stationed. She was not fazed by this event however as she was still making her way to my husband. He looked at his mother to see if she had also witnessed what had just happened. Unfortunately, his mom was not looking towards my daughter at the time. So he kept quiet about the incident.

At this point, he felt very uncomfortable and made an excuse to leave his parent’s home early. He usually stays for the entire time I am in class, which is usually about two and a half hours.

Upon arriving at our place, he apologized for coming back early stating he wanted to give his parents some time to do their house duties (cook, eat, clean, etc.). I didn’t think anything of it and continued with my class. He finally told me this story a few days after it had occurred.

These are the only events that he has brought to my attention in our current location. However I wouldn’t doubt that there a more that he hasn’t told me about. According to him and his family, he has experienced so many paranormal things in his life. I have only experienced about 2 in my lifetime but none to his extent. Just a strange unexplained shadow and some soft patting while I slept. Yes, I woke up and squinted to check while I still felt the soft patting and there was nothing there. Neither of these events took place where we now live.

I’ll see if my husband shares more stories with me so I can share it with you uglies!! And Thank you for being such an amazing podcast, Edi and Nick!

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