Mystery Thieves

Hi there! The following is from my 10 yo daughter, Noelia. It would mean the world to her if you did your thing with it . P.S. -These are all her own words, zero influence from anyone, but she's not old enough to have her own FB account,

"Hey Nick, Edi, and Uglies!This story happened when I was with my brother, Sam; Sam’s friend, Max and Max’s sister, Leah.

We were all having a Nerf war, when Sam and Max accused us of taking their Nerf guns. (They were on the opposite team.)

Leah and I were doing our own thing at the time, nowhere near their guns. The boys went to check in a shed, and sure enough, there they were! When they went to open the door to the shed to get out, they were locked in! My brother had to break the window to climb out.

We still don’t know who stole those Nerf guns."

Thanks guys!


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