My Scary/Haunted Pregnancy Story

History: from a young age I've always sensed things and had several entities follow me around. From the tall shadow man with the hat to seeing small humanoid creaters.

My mom explained that I was just more sensitive to this and my soul was something innocent that these entities wanted. So she began taking me to church more often.

When I was about 16 or 17, I had gone to bed early and in the middle of the night I felt really uneasy. My body and spirit told me, "WAKE UP. You need to wake up!" When I woke up, there was a large dark figure staring down at me from the edge of my bed. I sat up and threw a freaking pillow and it and it disappeared. For a long time I kept feeling the presence, but would mostly ignore it.

I also shared the room with my younger brother.

Pregnancy (2015)my age 21: In Jan 2015 I found out I was preggers.

When I was around 3 months, I had fallen asleep on my brother's bed (which was something I never did and Butters was out drinking with his friends) again my body told me, "You need to wake up! Its here again." I woke up disoriented, and saw a shadow in the hallway facing towards the room. Thinking it was brother, I said, "Butters is that you? Why are you just standing there?!"

I stood up to turn on the light and it just stared at me. It looked at every movement I made, it looked at my pregnant tummy. Once I turned the light on. It disappeared again. I told me mom about and she told me to pray every night.

I didn’t.

So when I was about 6 or 7 months pregnant, I went to bed early and again felt the presence. This time it was in the room. It was sitting in my brother's bed. I thought it was brother, and called out it. It was watching me sleep. At the moment I terrified, because I knew what it wanted.

It was my baby.

But my anger got the best of me more than the fear and I cussed it out. I yelled at it to stay way from me and my baby that it was not welcomed here and it would never be. It disappeared.

It hasn't dared come close to me and my tiny human, but I know it keeps a close eye on us.

Thanks for letting me share my story! 


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