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My Own Hell

Hi guys!

I’ve put up a couple of stories but haven’t in a while because of personal issues. But last night I had one of the worse nightmares of my life. I needed to write it down and tell it to someone.

Ever since I was small, I try connecting to the underworld through my dreams. Some connections have hurt more than others and all were draining at the same time. My last experience haunted me in my dreams and in real life, so I decided to close myself.

But yesterday I opened it back up.

I allowed myself to feel and connect to one of my friend’s love ones who had passed away. I made the mistake of falling asleep and not closing myself.

The dream started of with me being in a pitch black place. There was find a box with different rooms. It almost looked like a map. I didn’t think of it much so I just chose one and it sucked me in into that room. I walked around this room… Not thinking much and not being aware…Then it hit me! The smell of blood and the smell of sulfur.

I opened the door. Now I wish I would’ve kept it closed. I walked into a room where a demon was cutting body parts off a man and woman. I saw how they cut off fingers, legs… Blood would splatter everywhere… They screamed in pain and screamed how they were sorry. But that wasn’t the image that popped out from that room. It was the image of a man exploding into pieces. Blood splattered on the walls, the floor and even myself. I didn’t feel anything in that moment but they noticed. They noticed I didn’t belong there. So I ran as fast as I could. But every door I ran into was a new torture room and more demons.

They mocked me.

They laughed.

I felt like I was going to be trapped in this loop of never ending torture. I reached a big door. I ran through it but landed in a road where a man with horns and a wicked smile was chained to the ground. Fire burned all around him. I felt how all he wanted to do was tear me apart, take my soul and everything with it. This thing was as tall as a 14 story building. I ran back to the big door but there was no way out. I was panicking trying to find the words to pray. Trying to wake myself up… but I couldn’t. I felt like I was genuinely going to be trapped there for an eternity. Then a massive human like creature with wings grabbed me and flew me away. It threw me into the pitch blackness again. I was in my last door.

This door had my fears in it.

My sister was there… But it wasn’t really her.And it was like she couldn’t see me. At this point, I was trying to wake myself so bad but I had no control anymore. I saw mirrors in that room where I figured out they watched us through.I felt one of the demons creep up on me and try to reach me… But I kept running until I came across a guarding dog next to an exit door. It started barking. I thought it was barking at the demon until I turned around. It was just me standing there. As the dog slowly made it’s way to me, I kept trying to wake myself up. Then I stopped being afraid and I pushed through. I felt everything go dark. Then I saw a light and it snapped me into reality.

I grabbed my phone to call my girlfriend but when I did I saw the time... 3:33. I don’t know where I was. A part of me thinks it was hell but another part thinks it was my own hell.

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