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Moving to Enchanted Hills

Love the podcasts! Still trying to catch up from the beginning. I’m excited to share my own scary story.

When I was six, my parents separated. My mother, younger brother, sister and I moved to Indiana. Thankfully and with a little help through our church, we were one of the first families in our community accepted for a program called Habitat for Humanity.

My mother was able to affordably build a home in a large housing edition called Enchanted Hills. This community was not far from town, about a 10-minute drive around lake Wawasee, nestled in a rural area with a pool and lake access! We had lived in cramped quarters for a few years. So I remember looking forward to having my own room and being excited about helping build it.

The volunteers let me do little things. I am sure I wasn’t much help but it was fun to have a hand in the construction. It took a while to finish… But finally, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, people from our congregation, friends, and family gathered to bless our newly built habitat home. Nobody was allowed inside until after the blessing, so a fairly large group of us stood outside the front of the home. Hand in hand, we stood in a circle led in prayer by our Pastor asking for blessings on the house and the family. Once we all said the lord’s prayer in unison, we could go in to view the house. And afterward, we were able to spend our first night in our new home!

One night, I found myself waking up as I was sitting up. I was confused at first because my body was involuntarily moving! I was sleeping on my back. As my torso sat up my head turned to the right… All the while I was coming out of deep dreamless sleep. As I quickly realized that I wasn’t asleep anymore, I noticed a little girl beside my bed. I stared at her. I noticed that she had light short hair with bangs topped with a ribbon. She was wearing a long dress that flowed down to her ankles and her toes pointed towards the ground. She was floating next to my bed.And she seemed to glow. The glow was a light white-blueish sort of glow. I didn’t feel threatened. I just watched her stare back at me with wide eyes, never blinking, as her head slowly rocked back and forth. Her left ear leaned towards her left shoulder then slowly her right ear towards her right shoulder. Just staring at me as she did this over and over again a few times. It seemed like this went on for a while, but it was probably only a few seconds.

I came to, like out of a trance. I realized I was staring at a ghost staring at me while I slept! I threw my pillow at her and jumped off my bed. I ran across the hallway to my mothers’ room. I refused to sleep in my room for a while after that.

I started talking about what I had experienced to some of my new neighborhood friends. They all seemed to have their own creepy stories. The kids talked about how it was rumored the land was once an Indian burial ground.

As time went on, a few more creepy occurrences happened in the home. My mother’s fiancé told a story about how he was using the bathroom in the middle of the night and a safety razor flew out at him. Someone saw eyes in the bathroom. My sister and I have heard whistling like “we whew” without finding any source of the whistling. Friends that stayed over would see a lady in a blue dress. Not only did they see her in the house, but my friend once described seeing the girl hanging from the tree across the street. We went about living with the acceptance of the “Lady in the blue dress” just wanting her presence known.

A few years later, my mother announced we were expecting a new baby to join our family. We were all very excited! One February morning, she went into labor. As she kept her composure, she mentioned that our aunt would be picking us up from school and sent us out to catch the bus.

I remember looking at the clock waiting for the end of the day to meet my new baby brother. After our aunt picked us up from school, we went back to the house to gather some things to stay with her overnight. My brother was in his room packing his bag.My sister and I were in the kitchen getting the dog plenty of food and water ready since we wouldn’t be back until the next day. All of the sudden all of the cabinet doors, the front and back door all swung open simultaneously and a huge deep wail came out of SOMEWHERE. Then all of the doors slammed shut as quickly as they had opened. My sister and I just froze looking at each other like, WHAT-WAS-THAT! My brother ran out from the hallway completely baffled asking what happened. My cousin came to the front door asking, “What is going on in here?!?” I could only imagine what it would have sounded like from outside.

We tried to explain what had happened but she looked at us like we were crazy. She was a little creeped out. She told us to hurry. We didn’t waste any time getting done with our tasks and ran outside to my aunt's car. I think we were a little desensitized to the spooky happenings of the home because this didn’t faze us. It actually excited us that we had had such an experience. Like I said we didn’t feel threatened but amazed at these occurrences. We would go on to tell anybody who would listen about this story until the excitement faded and the excitement of our little brother distracted us.

A few months later I noticed orbs in the house. One afternoon, I was babysitting my little brother. He was in his playpen. While I babysat, I saw a huge orb fly from the back of the house to under the playpen. I quickly picked him up and went outside. I stayed out there until my mom came back home. I didn’t let it shake me up too bad because it didn’t actually do anything. But I did not like the idea of it being so close to my baby brother.

When I was 14, I had gotten into some trouble and moved to my father’s in Texas. When I left, my sister took over my room, which was the biggest of the three children’s rooms. When I moved back, I had her room, which was down the hall from where my mother’s room is. The smallest room.

One day, I had a friend over. We were watching t.v., with my little brother playing on the floor. We talked on my futon with the door opened. My mother was in her room watching t.v. with her door closed. The door started to shake, violently! My friend and I watched the door looking at each other confused. My mom yelled “Ben stop shaking the door!” I yelled back, “Mom, Ben’s in here with me! I can see your door and nobody is there!” It just stopped.

She opened it a few seconds later confused. She said when she got up to open the door, it just stopped. There was no explanation for it. My mother is not one to play a prank. We brushed it off to “the lady in the blue dress” up to her shenanigans.

Not long after this occurrence, I had come home one day as my mother, my sister, and her friend were excitedly having a conversation. I sat on the couch and asked what was so exciting? My sister explained that she had found an old roll of film and got it developed. They were going through the pictures and saw the pictures of the house blessing. She swore she could see a ghost in the window! She handed me the picture. Sure enough there stood what looked like a female figure in the window. But if you looked to her right there was a very large dark figure beside her. You can see the reflection of the prayer circle at the bottom left of the window, so it was not a reflection but someone inside looking out.

When I was planning to write this story, I asked my baby brother if he ever experienced anything. He said not personally, but he did have a friend stay over once in the room that was originally mine, and the room got cold. His friend freaked out and ran out of the room, down the hall to the living room. Ben ran after him asking what happened. He said he felt something cold grab his shoulders and it freaked him out. Ben checked his back and he saw scratches.

My mom has since saged the house a few times and nothing has happened in quite a while.

(There’s a pic)

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