Okay I have many many stories but I’ll tell you this quick little one that just happened to me today.

So I’ve had one of those small school pictures of my little brother (he’s 15) tucked into the band on my visor in my car.

Today when I was driving, I looked up at my visor and the picture of him was gone. At first I figured it may have just fallen down on the floor, so I checked when I got to the gas station and it was nowhere to be found.

For some reason, I looked over at the passenger side visor and there was a CD-ROM disc, like one that you burn songs or whatever onto. I was very confused because I damn sure didn’t burn any CD’s lately lol. So I pull it out from the visor corner (you know how you tuck CD’s in there) and it was unlabeled and kinda scratched on the back. I called my bf and asked if he had put it there and he said no, of course. The weird thing is, my brothers picture was there just the other day when I was driving to the store.

I put the CD in my car to listen and see what it was and it was 18 songs all in a different language. I told my brother and he got freaked out asking “Why would whoever put that in there take my picture?” but we ended up trying to translate it and it was in the language Yaruba.

We weren’t able to translate the whole song because the apps we downloaded would only pick up 3 words at a time but isn’t that weird? His picture goes missing and a random burned CD appears.

Oh! And I definitely had my car locked because my bf and I were out for the past couple days and I always make sure I lock it.


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