Hello uglies!

So when I was younger, my little sister and I use to share a room.

For a long time I would always wake up from a deep sleep, look over at the bedroom door and see a figure. A figure that looked like a old lady. Kind of transparent wearing a puffy, lace black dress with a black vale that would cover her face.

Every time I would look at her, she would smile. I never told anyone about her.

One day, we were all in my parents room when my little sister said that for a while she’s been waking up and seeing a old lady with a black dress in our room. I was shocked when I heard this because I thought I was the only one seeing her. Then one time my friend was staying over and he was sleeping in the living room.

The next morning, he told us that he would see what look like an old lady with a black dress go into our room. Up until that moment, we never talked about the lady so there was no way anyone could have known about her.

We started doing research and found that having mirrors form a triangle is bad. We had a mirror on the bedroom door, a mirror on a dresser and a mirror on a wall. Therefore it formed the triangle.

We immediately threw the mirror on the door away and never saw the old lady again.


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