Loud Bang

Hi uglies! Love the podcast and YouTube channel! I just listened to your “home alone” episode and it made me think about my apartment.

My husband works a third shift so he’s not usually home at night. My 2 yr old daughter doesn’t notice anything weird around the house like I do. All these things happen at night.

When my daughter was a new born and was up all night crying, I saw my curtains move like there was a breeze. But there was nothing that would make them move like that when I checked.

Then one night my dog was not feeling well and was gagging. I’m a tired mom with a newborn. I kick my dog out of the room so I can finally get some sleep.

Then I hear a loud bang in the living room.

I go to see what happened and my dog is throwing up in the middle of the room. Nothing fell over, nothing could of made that noise.

Another instance happened with my daughter’s toys. They were in the bedroom when we went to sleep. My dog was making a weird sound in the living room and I went to check and her toys were now outside the bedroom. I had to step over them to walk out. I was making up scenarios in my head on how they made it there but nothing made sense.

Then I heard another loud bang in the living room,

I grabbed my daughter and ran out of the house.

My mother in law lives next door so I’m in tears telling her someone is in our house but of course when she checked no one was there.

Sorry for it being super long, there’s more stories about my house that have happened but these are the most vivid ones in my head.

What do you think?


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