Lone Headstone

Back in 2005, a small group of friends and I went to a Kansas City MO cemetery to do some research/investigation for a DVE (digital video editing) project for our graphics class. When we pulled into the cemetery it was a bright cheerful sunny day.... that changed after we were there only like 5 minutes. It was only like 1 pm but looked like midnight. It was such a drastic change that we almost just got back in the car and left.

Even though there was an eerie feeling all of a sudden we decided to stay.

We walked for a little bit taking a few pictures here and there when we noticed a random head stone way off by the fence all by it's lonesome. Having no idea why one random head stone would be so far away from everything else we decided to walk that way.

Well.... We tried to walk that way.

As we stepped into the grass off the pavement all 4 of us got 3 scratches across the back of our left leg. After that we ran our asses to the car as fast as we could. As soon as we left the cemetery the sun came back out.

Still have no idea who's head stone it was I for one will never go back to find out.


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