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Let’s Play Ghost Hunter

This happened when I was watching my sister Claire and a kid named Szid. When Szid’s parents aren’t home, he’ll come over to our house to play. This happened when he and Claire were like 5 & 6 years old.

My parents had to leave the house because my dad had to drive my mother to work. She was a call center agent at the time and had to be at work at 3pm. After they left, I came up with an idea.

I said, “Hey, you two want to play a ghost hunting game?”

At first I didn’t think they were going to do it because it sounded scary but they said yes. So we turned off all the lights and shut out any incoming light from the outside. The only light that was seen was the faint light from the red curtain in the living room. Everything looked red. I put a toy microphone in the bathroom just in case the ghost decided to go to make noise in there.

While we started walking around, a noise came from the microphone. It was like a “sshhh”. We all ran to the living room and I swear, I saw a creature or a devil with a long face and a big mouth smiling at me. It could have been my imagination but I swear I saw it.

The kids were hanging onto me with their eyes closed so I was the only on that saw it. I ran to turn on the lights, opened the curtains and just let as much light pour into the house as possible.

After that, we never played ghost hunter again. And we never used that toy microphone either.

I hope one day this story will be on the podcast!!


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