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Left it’s mark

Hi, Nick and Edi this may be a lengthy submission. There is no way to condense this and get all the good stories in. After a lot deliberation and backing out of, I have finally decided to share both mine and my family’s paranormal experiences.

My family has accumulated many “ghost stories” over the last 45 years. My grandparents land was a hot spot for the paranormal. My uncle was a young teen when he was called to preach. There was some rather intense things that happened while he was studying to join the ministry.

It began one Sunday when my grandparents, uncle, and father were at church. My uncle entered his room that afternoon he found that his biblical books has been kicked around his bedroom. He told my grandparents who were very puzzled by the situation as there had been no one home for hours.

A few weeks later my grandparents were holding a prayer meeting. They kept hearing the most awful racket coming from the back of the house. My Grandmother, thinking it was was my father, got up to check on him. However, when she glanced out the window, he was playing basketball in the yard. When my Nana went to investigate later on, she opened my uncle’s door to find that his books had been thrown around yet again.. But this time was also torn to pieces. Each time they knew with certainty that no one would had been inside that room.

So what would’ve been destroying his things? A demon? An evil spirit? I still get chill bumps when retelling these encounters and they’re just the earlier spouts of activity.

After my brother and I were born, the most active spirits seemed to have appeared. The first spirit was made known when my parents and I were camped out on a pallet during a snowstorm while i was a newborn. My Grandmother had come into the room to check on us and seen a woman in 1880s clothing peering down at me from the dining room table. Eight years later when my brother was a newborn, my mom was seated at the table in front of the front door with my brother situated in his bouncer. My mom looked up to see a man staring at my brother, only for him to vanish on enclosed end of the porch.

In the following weeks, the man would appear behind my mother’s shoulder to peek at my brother and again to peek in on him as he and my Grandmother were alone overnight.

The truly chilling encounter was with a woman. My brother was staying over one night at around 3 years old. He was playing with his match box cars in the living room and began screaming bloody murder. My grandparents rushed to him. He kept pointing to the dining room screaming “she is so ugly, she is a witch, make her stop, she is so ugly”. When my parents went to get him, he refused to pass through the living room to the front door and had to be handed through the bedroom window to my Dad.

My experiences did not begin until I moved into my grandparents house. I was staying in the bedroom in which my family always claimed to have given off odd vibes.. In the two years I that I lived with them, i would always wake up at night feeling like i was being watched intently. In the morning when I woke up, the drawers beneath my bed would be open and my wardrobe door would be standing open, just minute happenings. It was one of those things that happen so frequently that I was just used to them.

One night as I walked through the house, I finally caught a glimpse of the man in the black suit. He made he feel very uncomfortable , yet not scared. I truly do Not feel that he was evil. Things got a little weirder as time went on though.

There was the time when my best friend and I were arguing over petty matters and she called me a brat, and before I could even respond to her, my violin that sat on top of my wardrobe flew off, made a 90 degree turn, and landed at her feet. It was a pretty freaky encounter but the last encounter I personally experienced left me with a feeling I will NEVER forget.

My mother, grandmother and I were up in the late hours of the night talking. I was sitting in a chair which faced the kitchen. In mid conversation, my mother said I had completely spaced out. When I came back into the moment I had explained to them I had seen a tall black man walk through the kitchen to the laundry area and the feeling of pure terror washed over my entire body. A few minutes later, I attempted to walk into the kitchen for some tea. I was unable to enter it was as if someone physically stopping me from entering into the kitchen with that spirit. Every hair on my body was standing up in that moment. My grandmother (a devout church of god woman) tried to walk in the kitchen to calm my nerves, showing me nothing was there. The moment her foot crossed the threshold, she immediately started praying. I firmly believe there was something evil in that kitchen and some force did not want me to enter into the area with it.

The last activity that was seen in the house was when I moved in with my fiancee. The day after I officially moved out, my grandmother was in my bedroom when a teardrop slowly fell down the wall and she just had the saddest feeling overcome her. She called my Grandfather in who checked for leaks and for any type of condensation which could’ve caused moisture, but there was no explanation. There wasn't any activity following that. They moved out in the following two months. Whatever it was shock them enough that my still skeptic grandfather won’t even talk about the tear drop.

I know it’s a lot, but the property is a hotbed for the paranormal it seems as those are only a few of the unexplainable experiences... The feelings I had growing up there, being watched, the sudden feeling of fear coming over me, I never knew those aren’t normal until I moved out.

Whatever the Property contained it truly left its mark on my family.


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