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Late Night Walkers

One Thursday night, back when I was in high school, I was staying the night with my grandma on the reservation. She lived about one mile on the rez.

Around 1 am, I woke to her dogs barking like crazy. I got up and looked out the top glass of her front door window. I could see a human-like creature running/chasing the sheep around in circles and jumping on them in the corral. A skinwalker.

My granny’s 2 younger dogs stayed by the door. The 2 older ones were by the corral barking and growling. The skinwalker was like crying/fake barking in the corral.

I go wake up my uncle. I told him there's a thing in the corral. He got up, grabbed his gun and we both went outside. He shot a couple times in the air.

The skinwalker then jumped on a corner post, which was solid post, about 8 feet tall and 6 to 8 inches round. It cried and took off. The dogs ran after it.

After a few attempts to call the dogs back, we went back inside. Eventually the dogs came back mins later.

About a hour later, around 2am, the skinwalker came back and started taunting the dogs. The dogs started chasing it. It jumped into the corral. The sheep ended up in the corner of the corral, scared. The skinwalker ran, knocked down the post it jumped on a hour before, broke it at the base and left. My uncle and I just watched it all happen through the window.

The next day, Friday, my uncle and I went to check on the area around the sheep corral. We found 3 dead sheep inside the corral. My aunt came home from Sturgis that Friday morning, We showed her. My aunt said that Thursday night, she had a nightmare about skinwalker around my grandma's house.

So Friday night, we stayed up for a while, expecting the skinwalker to be back again. Nothing happen so we went to sleep.

Around 2am, the dogs started barking. I woke up my uncle and aunt. They both had their guns ready. Then we went to the kitchen window, peeped out and saw the skinwalker standing there looking towards us. It crouched down like a dog, ran across a big irrigation ditch and just sat there with two other dogs that were looking east. Then the crouched dog sat and looked east..

My uncle and I went thru the front door. My aunt went thru the back door. I was trying not to make a noise. Unfortunately I did. The middle dog stood up on it’s hind legs. All 3 dogs were looking at us.

My uncle shot at the middle dog that was standing. When he shot it, it started crying like a baby and then laughing. The dogs took off… 2 ran off towards the wooded area east.. And the one that stood up ran west.

My uncle told my aunt to stay home. He and I ran after the skinwalker. He shot a couple times. It started laughing. It jumped the fence and started running down the paved road…

Crying/ laughing/ taunting us… Then the running turned into hooves, galloping like a horse.

My uncle and I stopped. We started running back to the house.

The end.

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