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Lady in Blue

Hi Edi and Nick and all the other Uglies!

My name is HollyJo and I am a new follower of the podcast.

I recently found you guys on Spotify and i’m glad i did bc i love the stories!

“The Body found and Room 733 are by far my faves and I tell everyone to listen to those episodes when i tell them about you guys.

I’ve been wanting to share a scary story with you all for some time now and today I finally remembered to join the facebook group

I have had a lot of paranormal stuff happen to me over the years but I think this really kicked off the whole thing and i wanted to share so here it is!

This story is something that happened to my mom when I was about 10 or so and I remember it like it was yesterday (I’m almost 25 now).

My mom worked for Humana many years ago (typical insurance company office job) and they were having a convention at this hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.

When my mom arrived at the hotel she had no idea that it was actually a famous hotel for being haunted by a woman named “The Lady in Blue/ The Blue Lady”.

On the first day of this business conference it was normal.

She went up to her room set her things on the bed but didn't really unpack and then went downstairs to meet her coworkers in the lounge area before the welcome meeting.

(I know Edi hates when ppl are super detailed in their stories so i’ll spare you guys the lavish description my mom gave of the lounge area but it was very fancy).

In the corner is a chaise lounge pushed right up to the wall and my mom and her friends from work sat side by side on it.

My mom was in the middle with one lady to her right and two on her left.

As they are sitting there chatting the woman sitting to my moms right feels a “pulling sensation” on her shoulder as she would later tell my mom.

At first she ignored it but then it became more aggressive.

Finally she spoke up and was like “okay guys… who is pulling on my shoulder its not funny”.

Everyone turned and looked at her and was like “theres no one behind you…. Theres just a wall.”

Sure enough the lady checked and there was just the wall and there.

She again brushed it off and continued chatting but the pulling sensation on her shoulder kept happening and slowly got more aggressive until she had enough and just got up and left without saying a word.

After a full day of working my mom finally got back to her room and decided to unpack her things.

She put her clothes in the drawers and her suitcase under the bed and then decided she was hungry and left for dinner.

When she returned to her room a few hours later her room had been trashed.

Clothing thrown all over the room, drawers still hanging open and the suitcase pulled out from under the bed, still sitting on the floor, and hanging wide open.

My mom was scared thinking maybe someone ransacked her room but nothing was missing so she just quietly packed up her things and went to bed.

The next day once again was like any other day during work.

It wasn't until she got back to her room that once again things were getting weird.

My mom said she was standing in the bathroom doing her hair and touching up her makeup when suddenly her TV turned on.

She thought it was weird and that maybe the TV was broken bc it was pretty old but didnt think much of it and just turned it off and started walking back to the bathroom.

Once she got to the doorway the TV turned on again.

After everything that was going on my mom was over it and decided to call down to the front desk to have a service guy come look at her TV.

Some time later the guy shows up and as my mom is explaining to the man what was happening with her TV it flicks on again!

My mom stands there completely shocked and the man just starts…. Laughing.

He laughs gently at my mom and even pats her on the back and my mom is full on confused.

She asks him whats going on and all he says is “well… i guess we can chalk this one up to the Lady in Blue”

My mom looks at him like “Who in the f*ck is The Lady In Blue?”

He turns to my mom after he picks up his tools and tells her to go to the lobby and read about her.

At the time there was a photo of her hanging up in the lobby explaining her story.

The Seelboch Hotel is a very old hotel its been around since the Horse and Buggy days.

So when my mom went downstairs and saw this photo of the woman and read her story it was almost like a movie.

This woman was staying at the hotel for her wedding.

And for her wedding she wore a light blue wedding dress.

Her husband, forgot the ring and went back in his carriage to get it but the weather was bad and the carriage went off a bridge and he died.

After him being gone for hours the police finally showed up to her room and told her how her husband had died.

She was so distraught that she had lost her husband that she threw herself down an elevator shaft and killed herself.

My mom was shocked but wasn't sure she believed in this whole story.

So she just went about her day.

That night as my mom was laying in bed she heard a weird noise coming from the bathroom.

She got up to check and found all of her makeup and things all over the bathroom floor.

“A train must have gone by or a really big bus and just rattled it off the shelves” she explained to herself and she picked everything up off the floor.

She once again crawled into bed and was trying to sleep when she heard it again.

Once again she got up and saw all her things all over the floor.

“Damn place must have mice and it knocked everything over.”

She once again tried to reason away what was going on and picked up her things and laid down.

For a third Time.

My mom heard this noise but this time when she opened the bathroom door she saw something that she couldn't explain away. All her makeup, hairspray, etc…. Was standing up on the floor.

Almost like someone…. Put it there.

My mom had no way to reason this away.

So she quietly picked up her things, placed them on the shelves again, and crawled into bed.

Only this time she decided it was time to realize that this whole ghost thing might be real.

As my mom laid in bed she spoke to the ghost like she was talking with a friend.

“Hey… Lady in Blue. I don't mind if you borrow my things… but just put them back when you’re done. Thanks :)”

After that, my mom finally was able to fall asleep and nothing weird happened.

For the rest of the trip things seemed normal and the creepy ghost stuff pretty much stopped all together.

That is until the final day.

The convention was over and my mom was in her room packing up her things when she heard a knock at the door.

When my mom answered, there was a police officer there.

“Hello officer, how can i help you?” she asked.

“Are you Jo-An?” was all he said.

My mom nodded in agreement and he asked her to come down to the lobby with him.

As the two of them came up in the lobby it looked like a small crime scene.

People huddled around whispering and things.

My mom and the police officer walked towards the windows where more officers stood.

“Do you know anything about this or who did it?” he asked pointing up towards the windows.

There in the windows was my moms name.

Each window holding one small letter of her name. J - O - - - A - N.

My mom once again had no explanation nor did anyone else.

Her name was high up in the windows so someone would have needed a ladder to get up there.

And the windows were right in the lobby so someone would have seen if a person just strolled through with a ladder and then wrote my moms name.

She gave the officer her info in case he had anymore questions but she had nothing. And that was how the trip ended.

When she came home I caught her telling this story to my dad who is a complete non believer.

I’m inclined to believe this is a true story because why would she waste time telling someone a ghost story that wouldn't believe her anyway.

Since i fully believe in this stuff I had her tell me the whole thing and its my fav story to share with people and Im really glad I now get to share it with all of you!

Ever since that day ghost stuff has happened to everyone in my house including my dad who is a believer in the paranormal now.

I think something attached itself to me and my family bc ghost things don't just happen at home.

It follows me to work and with friends.

Maybe one day I can share all these little stories with you all too.

I hope you liked it




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