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In The Garden She Sits

When I was young, probably around 6 I found this statue in the attic of the family home we had moved into. I was very interested in "her" and moved her into a viewable area of the house.

Upon seeing her, my mom started going off, "Who put her here?! Who moved her!! I don't want her in this house!" I asked why she wasn't allowed. My mom said she didn't know where it came from and that she felt like she was evil, and didn't want it in the house. She put the statue outside in a non visible place and that for some reason made me very sad, even kind of angry..

She belonged here, this is her home too.

I snuck her back in the house and put her on the bottom shelf of a old book shelf, to be out of my mother's view but available for me to talk to. Every few years she would call to me, to be moved, and I would oblige. We feel linked. I felt myself putting her in very specific places facing specific directions, and being unreasonably upset if anyone else touched or moved her.

I moved out of the family home when I was 18, now being 26 I still randomly think of her. My parents moved away from the house for a few years (although they do still own it) and for the first time in a very long time the house was vacant.

A few months back, I had a few childhood friends reach out to me because they were having very vivid dreams about being trapped in this house. Within a week of the first contact, I had 7 people that had spoken to me about their nightmares. Each one having the same characters: A twisted woman, a man in a hat, and a little girl, (which I have stories of these entities as well, I'll submit at a later time)

A few of the friends even seen each other in their dreams. They were stuck in the attic. Yes the same attic room as my past story (Ray's room, and the same room I found the statue in.) Two of the others were trapped in our creepy unfinished basement, and the only Male Brennan, wasn't in the house but rather he had sleep paralysis and the little girl was at the end of his bed. We spoke about it, and it prompted curiosity..

My sister then randomly messaged me asking "where I got the Ouija Board that was in the house?".. but I didn't? She mentioned the colors blue and purple, and that it was glow in the dark..

It hit me..

When we were around 8/9th grade a group of us had went over Brennan's house and used a Ouija Board there. We seen and spoke to...A LITTLE GIRL. "There is no way" I thought to myself as I messaged Brennan right back, asking him if he still had his old Ouija Board? He said that he didn't.

He had used it a few times, never closed it, and that he hasn't been able to find it in years since my accident.. (I was physically attacked, and almost killed by a friend in my attic room, who did not remember doing it, and seen a priest afterwards because he thought he may have been possessed)

I ask the color.. Blue/purple glow in the dark. It was his. But how had it gotten to the house? Neither of us ever brought it out of his home, nor into mine.. but some how it was there, and my sister had used it "once" in the house...

"But I closed it" she said..

In retrospect, I don't think that mattered.

None the less, with the house still being vacant, myself, Brennan, and my friend Ashley, who mentioned her nightmare first, decided to go to the house. As myself, Ashley, and her dog arrived at the house, i felt a pull to the side garden, and there she sat.

My old neighbor just at that moment had came outside. She mistook me for my baby sister which happens often because she looks just like me, But after the "oh how ya been" conversation was done, her eyes glanced down..

"no one has touched her"

"oh, okay thanks"

The conversation ended there.

Even though it supposedly had "not been touched”, the statue’s cloak was now broken, and I was pretty upset about it. I picked her and her broken pieces up. Just as I walked back around the house with her, my friends dog (a 1 yr old blue pit) started growling then full blown viciously barking at me. This was weird, because he loves me. I sat the statue down on the top step of the porch, and his attention averted to it.. he began walking up the steps, hunched low, hair up, teeth showing, growling at the statue head.

My other friend Brennan, and his girlfriend show up, and still, the dog would not move from the statue. He was standing off with her and every time we tried to walk away, he would try to pull my friend back to it, growling the whole time. I moved her to the front garden hidden slightly, (where she was in the picture) to see if he would forget about it..he didn't. I took a Snapchat of his reaction to the statue, saved it, and posted it to my story. We headed to the backyard and garage.

As it started to get dark, the eerie feeling got heavier. And the feeling of being watched made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Ashley mentioned that maybe we should go.. Brennan insisted we go in through the window that was unlocked, and that if we didn't want to, that he "would go in quick to find his Ouija Board and come back out".. I told him no, that tonight didn't seem like the right time.. But to satisfy some of the curiosity, I did suggest opening the window and allowing them to take pictures inside of the house.

This window was to the first floor living room, and to the right is the attached "front room”. His girlfriend had a professional camera, and had bought a new battery for it earlier that day. She fully charged it because she knew she was coming to the house and wanted to see what she could capture. She got on his shoulders, and started clicking away. She probably took around 10 pictures. We seen them as they saved (ya know? that 2 seconds after you take a picture when it shows), and she got off his shoulders. We stood around in a circle as we eagerly waited to look at the pictures..

Just for none of them to be there.

Each picture was either blacked out with light around the edges, as if you took a picture of a black piece of paper with the flash on.. or all white but in an almost translucent kind of way. Then her camera battery drained to 0% and shut off... She kept saying how there is no way because we all just seen that she had a full battery. I mentioned that maybe they should try to use their cell phones to get some pictures. Ashley took her phone out and start it to snap pictures. Again we see them as they are saving, but when she goes to look at them...they're gone. The same variation of black and white photos that Brennan's girlfriend got. Her phone died.

At this point we are all kinda like "wtf" but I was like "ehhhh bet if anyone is allowed to keep'll be me." So just as Ashley had, I walk up to the side of the house and put my phone up into the window and I started snapping pictures. I took about three, and as I took the fourth I felt like someone, or something was watching me from the front room.. I tilt my phone towards the front room, and as the flash clicks I see a horrible woman's face in the picture,

Against my instincts I stay still until the photo FOR SURE takes so I have proof, and then I rip my arm out from the window and RUN down the driveway telling them to "CLOSE THE WINDOW!"

At this point I feel like I can hardly breathe.. I lived here most of my life, and have experienced all kinds of things in this house...but her? That face? Peaking around the corner of the old pocket door...sent me into shock.

They came down the driveway after me like "what was it??" Still shaking.. I'm like "idk let me check the picture before I say anything"

I pull up my gallery.. and unlike their cameras and phones, the pictures I took came out fine. Then I swipe to the last picture, the one I seen her in...and she was gone. The rest of the picture was exactly what I seen, except for her. I tell them that there was a woman.. I showed them where in the picture I seen it.. they believed me, because I'm pretty sure it was the first time either of them had ever seen me scared.. but we had no proof.

Brennan's girlfriend tried turning on her camera again, and this time it came on, full if it hadn't just been drained about 10 minutes ago.. We start walking back up the driveway because they wanted to try to take a few pictures again, but the closer they got to the house...the battery started going down.

By the time they got to the window it had again died. This time it wasn't turning back on. We decided this is probably the time we need to go ahead and go. We walked back down the driveway and as soon as we crossed the property line I asked everyone to stay here for a second..

We went back to the car and got Ashley's bundle of blue sage. Blue is specific to banish malevolent spirits. I smudge each friend, banishing, cleansing, and then blessing them. Over their heads, to under their feet, then again from top to bottoms focusing on cleansing each Chakra. (I do use the term "smudging" since I am part native, and have been taught the practice) I had Ashley do me last, since I couldn't fully/properly do it myself in the dark, without possibly burning my hair as I've done before..

As we leave, I catch eyes with my statue one more time, and had the feeling like I should take her with me. NO. NO. NO. I imagined putting her in my trunk, and dying in a crash on my way home.

So I left her there.

I checked my Snapchat story to re watch the video of Chaz (the dog) freaking out on it… but it didn't post.. checked my gallery… it didn't save.. weird?

Eh a little but not a big deal.

However, over the next week I couldn't get this out of my mind. I reached out to about 4 antique shops and mention that I have this old statue, and they say to bring it in.. again I imagine myself dying in a crash so I told them that I could send a picture. Well.... I thought I could.

I tried sending the picture via SMS, and Gmail...but it would not send! Then I remembered Ashley also had a picture of the statue. I asked her to email it to the antique guy, so she did. He called me minutes later..

"hey there, is this the lady with the statue?"

"Yes it is"

"I have never seen anything like that said it's metal?'

"Yeah it is, and the hood is like ceramic or clay."

"Yeah, I'm sorry I can't help, it's different, I've never seen anything like that before, and yeah its creepy that's for sure."

"So you don't want me to bring it in?" I teased..

"yeah no thanks" he said.

Alright well thanks for your time I reply as I hang up.

Dumbfounded still. Not having a clue where it came from, where it was made, or who it depicts, left alone in the garden she sits.

My parents recently moved back into the house though, so at least she isn't alone anymore.. but neither are they..

Thanks for taking time to read my story!


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